Illegal Immigration Hits Home

My husband and I bought our home here about 4 years ago. It was a nice quiet neighborhood with working families much the same as us. At some point after our purchase the area became inundated with immigrants. I won’t say illegal because I wouldn’t presume to know if all of them are, although I suspect so of the vast majority. That in and of itself isn’t the worst part of this story. Yes, it is more crowded and noisy and not so neat but people adapt to that as long as they still have their own space; their own little “island.”

My “island” was invaded a few days ago. There was a shooting at a nearby gas station and the getaway car was found in my next door neighbor’s driveway with lights and blinkers still on. Now, not being a nosy neighbor, all I could tell the police was that, yes, I heard it arrive and yes, I heard a vehicle leave but there was no big commotion that would prompt me to look outside. The leaving and going are frequent from that house. The only reason I hear these things so easily is because the driveway is less than ten feet from the corner of my house which sits at an angle to it.

While the news reported it as a “possible robbery” such is quite likely not the case. The investigation right here on our street lasted from 4PM when the shooting took place until 4AM the next morning. During that time, my husband and I were questioned a few times, just in case we remembered or noticed anything more. However, there was little we could tell them and I apologized for that several times. During one of these question sessions, the investigator looked straight into my husband’s eyes and said, “Get a gun.”

He then proceeded to tell us that this was likely a retribution hit because the man killed was also a suspect in a shooting that took place two weeks previously at a Mexican restaurant. To top that off, I later found out that my daughter was at the scene of the crime with my 6 year old grandson in tow, who also saw the body and the other one who was injured. My daughter, being in the medical field, rendered assistance to the injured man and ascertained there was nothing to be done about the other one, then called 911 as I’m sure many others had done as well. Many of those involved don’t speak English and an interpreter had to be brought in but they haven’t cooperated with the police at all.

So, we have a probable retribution hit involving my next door neighbors who would see and recognize my daughter as well as us. We did not buy our house where we bought it to be the unwilling and unwitting targets of gangs and gang retribution but it’s where we are now. We didn’t pay what we paid for this house to be in this position. I’m sure no one does buy a home in such areas but the areas seem to find them in spite of that fact.

Unfortunately, we’re stuck here because of the depressed housing market that was caused by lending too much money to people who couldn’t afford it and who subsequently walked away from those houses. The value of ours has gone down as well because of these factors. We can’t sell and move to another location because we’ve been here only 4 years. And we shouldn’t have to.

How long before I can feel safe in my home again? Will I ever? What good will a gun do me if the next retribution hit takes place outside my house and bullets are flying through windows?

These are the things those of us forced into such situations have to deal with along with the depressed wages and taxes and why so many are against illegal immigration. It’s not racism or xenophobia or any other stupid nonsense given by the left and some on the right. It has to do with feeling safe and those of us on the receiving end don’t; not when your whole world can change at a moment’s notice because of people who have no respect for our laws and fear no retribution from them.