Call Senators to Filibuster S3628 "Unconstitutional Disclose Act" Tuesday, July 27th 1-877-851-6437

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Before the August recess, the Senate is likely to hold a vote on the First Amendment-shredding DISCLOSE Act (a.k.a. – the Establishment Protection Act). This legislation, S. 3628, targets non-profits such as Campaign for Liberty and seeks to muzzle them during the election season. The House struggled and barely passed H.R. 5175 before the July 4 recess, and with your help, we can make sure it is defeated in the Senate.

Incumbent politicians have always sought to separate their actions during the legislative season from the electoral season, and this bill gives them the opportunity to do so. Drawn up as a knee-jerk reaction to the Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision this January, Democrats seek to change the rules in the middle of the game a mere 3 ½ months before the mid-term elections.

A handful of powerful organizations are intensely lobbying Senators Scott Brown, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe to support the DISCLOSE Act by writing editorials and contacting media in their respective states. If we intend to stop this legislation from passing, we must surpass these efforts with our opposition. Currently they have all indicated misgivings on the bill, but they must hear from their constituents in opposition to this unconstitutional legislation.

We must make every effort to ensure this legislation meets its demise when they bring it to the floor for a vote. Whether it be calling, emailing, or faxing your senators, writing an op-ed to your local paper, informing your friends and family, or stopping into your senators’ local offices, whatever action you can take at this time will help in defeating this egregious affront to our constitutionally protected rights of free speech, privacy, and freedom of association.

Here is the link for the legislation, who knows if it has been changed further