Appointing TV Doctors

So it looks like Barack Obama wants to appoint Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN to be the next Surgeon General. I have looked into his background and he is a real doctor but has never been in charge of anything. Well, that isn’t a complete surprise given his boss’s lack of experience. Dr. Gupta is an odd choice judging from Obama’s previous appointments to me because for one he has no Clinton connection, and secondly he doesn’t have any government experience. I happen to think there are other TV Doctors who would make a much cooler Surgeon General than Dr. Gupta including:

Dr. Gregory House: He can solve seemingly any type of medical mystery and wouldn’t put up with any nonsense. Unfortunately he is frequently caught on camera abusing Vicodin so he may not be a politically smart choice.

Dr. Doogie Howser: He is young, smart, and also gay so Obama could throw this one to the gay community to calm them down from the whole Prop 8 thing.

Dr. Benjamin “Hawkeye” Pierce: He has been shown to be a very competent doctor and is good at treating war injuries. Most importantly, he has military experience! No more calling the Dems a bunch of wimps I guess. He could also bring Dr. B.J. Honeycutt along.

Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy: He treats injuries that don’t even exist yet and is able to treat aliens. If Obama would start the space program back up the Surgeon General could go along. And if he gets the job, he will finally be out of the respective shadows of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: She has experience working with the rural folk and it would always be nice for Obama to pick a woman to appease all the women angered by his previous treatment of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.