The Mumbai Terror Attacks: A Deadly Reminder

While millions of people here in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving with their families and friends, there was a major terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. This went on from Wednesday through Saturday because after the initial attack the terrorists took hostages, some of whom were then rescued by Indian special forces commandos. After it was all over, 172 people were killed (including six Americans) and 293 were injured. Now, I have to admit this wasn’t on the top of my radar mainly because it was Thanksgiving and there was food and awesome football games distracting me. But now that all the distractions are out of the way we need to look at this and what it means for the security of the Unites States and the world.

If this incident tells us anything, it is that the world is still a very dangerous place. Since September 11th, 2001 there has not been a single terrorist attack in the United States. There have been big attacks in other countries like Great Britain and Spain, but none here. In my opinion, the biggest factor in America’s continued safety since 9/11 has been the response of President Bush and his anti-terror policies. He has been an imperfect president to say the least, but in this area he has performed very well. After 9/11, Bush could have responded to the Al-Qaeda thugs like Bill Clinton did, by lobbing a couple missiles into Afghanistan after the bombings of the embassies in Africa in 1998, or by doing nothing after the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in 2000 that killed 17 American sailors. Instead, he unleashed a devastating military strike on their bases in Afghanistan, toppled the Taliban government that was harboring them, and sent the rest on the run where they are today. To this day, most of the top leaders of Al-Qaeda have been killed or captured. This is how countries have to deal with terrorism. Terrorists do not respond to nice gestures or diplomacy. You cannot negotiate with fanatics who are willing to fly planes into buildings or strap bombs to themselves in order to kill innocent people. What they need and deserve is a punch in the mouth, which George W. Bush gladly delivered.

While everyone is focused on how Barack Obama will handle the economy starting on January 20th, an equal eye should be kept on how he deals with terrorism. He was about the last person I would have wanted to win the election, but since he won I can only hope he does a good job for the country’s sake. Obama has decided to keep Bush’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates and General David Petraeus, the man behind the stunning turnaround to victory in Iraq, around so that is a good sign. I’m sure this is driving the far left kooks into a frenzy. The bad sign of how Obama will deal with terrorism is that he says he will close Guantanamo Bay immediately and could give the terrorists there trials in civilian courts. This is about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. These guys were all caught on the battlefield actively trying to kill Americans, and you want to send them into the American legal system? The same legal system that set O.J. Simpson free on double homicide even with a huge amount of evidence? The same legal system that routinely pays morons millions of dollars for spilling hot coffee on themselves and other self inflicted injuries? You must be joking.

Obama also says he will ban torture. I know I must be a bad guy if I think we need to keep this in the deck of cards. Let me be clear, I do not think that captured terrorists should be tortured arbitrarily or for no good reason. But if they are known to have information that could save thousands or millions of lives I am all for it. Since 9/11, only three terrorists were subject to “waterboarding,” which sounds like fun but is actually the most controversial torture technique. These guys were the most hardcore terrorists Al-Qaeda had to offer. Do Obama and his fellow left wingers really believe they would have told interrogators everything they knew if they had just used harsh language or threatened them with jail time? As I stated before, terrorists are brutal people and therefore have to be dealt with in a brutal manner. If those three hardcore thugs had not been made to suffer for a little bit, then thousands of innocent Americans could have suffered or died in a terrorist attack. The attacks in India show that terrorists are back and deadly as ever. Now is not the time to abandon the successful anti-terror policies of President Bush, get soft, or let our guard down.