Obama: A Pro-Terrorist & Anti-Child

President Obama is ending Guantanamo, which detains and “tortures” known terrorists while simultaneously resuming abortion funding which murders children.  Mmm…?
Obama like his leftwing ilk are nothing more than amoral elitists.  Leeches upon a free society insisting that true freedom is the choice to be immoral while anti-freedom is anyone who chooses to do good.  Both interesting and pathetic is their futile, ignorant, arrogant, and pathetic ideology.  Unfortuantely this cancerous ideology, in which innocent human life is apparently detestable, is rapidly spreading in our country’s society. 
President “Death” Obama is delivering a dark change to the ‘good’ of society and hope for those preferring ‘evil’.
God protect and guide us during these dark days of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and all our enemies within this nation.