Leftist Hypocrisy at Its Finest

Yesterday, George Tiller, one of the most controversial figures in American society over the past two decades, was brutally gunned down during church services. We would like to start this off by extending our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Tiller – though we do not agree with his line of employment, we do not feel that anyone deserves that sort of exit from Earth. Moreover, we feel terribly for his wife who was subjected to a visual experience of this horrible scene. Hopefully, they’ll be able to move past this tragedy.

That said, the response from media outlets and liberal interest groups over the past 24 hours has been nothing short of pathetic. We can all sit back and have a legitimate debate over the practice of abortion. There is a reason, however, that there were only three abortion providers in the United States that were willing to do late, late term abortion – because, in many instances, it is literally killing a baby that could be plucked from his mother’s womb and live just fine. It is a living, breathing human. Unless the mother’s life is in terrible peril, I just don’t see how anyone can defend the practice. The argument that this line of work is so dangerous simply doesn’t hold water – how about the millions of soldiers that literally risk their lives every day; the hundreds of thousands of police officers and fire-fighters that stare down death on a daily basis. These professions are infinitely more dangerous than that of abortion providers.

Yet, many Kansas Democrats (including those that were elected by George Tiller’s deep-pockets) rose to his defense yesterday, labeling him a ‘courageous hero’ and a ‘brave defender of women.’

More disturbingly, they jumped on the ‘right-wing terror’ bandwagon, immediately labeling all conservatives as terrorists. Well, folks, we’ve got a message for you – it wasn’t terrorism; It was cold-blooded murder, plain and simple.

This morning, however, their descriptions reached the height of hypocrisy. In Little Rock, AR, two army recruiters were gunned down while at work by a gunman with a car-full of potential explosives. While it’s possible that this was a random act of violence, that’s just about as likely as the possibility that Stephen Roeder had never heard of abortion.

So, Democrats all over the country posted on their blogs, gathered in candle-light vigils and participated in angry rants against ‘right-wing terrorists’ after an isolated gunman murdered a man who has made millions of dollars aborting viable babies, yet when an obvious anti-Government terrorist gunned down two brave military recruiters who have sacrificed their lives to ensure that our forces have the proper number of soldiers, mum’s the word.

We will never again be able to take these folks seriously (not that very many were taken seriously before) until they start railing against the ‘left wing, anti-military terrorists’ that oppose war and decided to ‘take justice into their own hands’ with the brutal murder of at least one brave soldier.

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