Coal-Fire Power Plant FINALLY Passes in Kansas

We’ll preface this by saying: sorry to the rest of America, Kathleen Sebelius is now your problem. She’s going to aggressively pursue universal health care, going to be a staunch advocate for abortion rights and will undoubtedly push for more of your tax dollars to fund the previous proposals.

That said, we do have a bit of silver lining.

For more than a year, Kathleen Sebelius fought a proposal that would’ve built the two cleanest coal plants in the State of Kansas, complete with the most environmentally friendly set of emissions and controls that we can possibly produce. Oh..and did we mention that it would create more than 300 jobs in one of Kansas’ poorest and most unemployed counties?

Sebelius vetoed the bill over and over – every time it came to her desk with more concessions on environmental regulations from the GOP legislature, yet still she opposed. It was nothing more than an opportunity for her to gain popularity among the Democrat base so she might be able to land some cushy job in DC – sound familiar?

Now, less than one week after she vacated Kansas for that cushy D.C. job she’s coveted, her successor found a way to strike compromise.

The plant won’t be quite as big as we’d like, but hey, it’s going to create energy – in an environmentally friendly manner – and put hundreds of Kansans back to work. We won’t complain.

Again, we are incredibly scared for the damage our former Guv will do to our Nation’s health system, but the small silver lining is that Kansas can finally reverse the damage she did to our State over the last 7 years. If nothing else, this plant’s passing is a HUGE black eye to the small legacy she may have had.