Kansas Democrat Senator Compares 'Right Wing Activists' to Hitler.

Last month, Americans all over the country joined together – in non-partisan fashion – to protest against the sky-rocketing Federal deficit and the irresponsible and wasteful misuse of our tax dollars.

State Senator Chris Steineger, D-Kansas City, decided to join in on the fun. Steineger, a relatively centrist Democrat, is the only even slightly-credible candidate the Democrats may be able to run in next year’s Gubernatorial race, assuming Dennis Moore and Mark Parkinson make good on their pledges to stay out.

Steineger’s attendance at the rally ruffled all sorts of feathers with his Democratic allies – how dare an elected member of their Party rise in opposition to the Obama Administration’s wasteful spending?! Steineger felt it necessary to respond to some of these criticisms on a fellow Kansas political blog, the Kansas Jackass. In doing so, Steineger made himself look like Kansas’ biggest ‘Jackass’ with an incredibly offensive and mis-calculated political blunder.

Steineger talked about the need to reach out to the masses and peel off Independent/Republican voters, blah blah blah. All fine and good so far. Then, Senator Steineger compared the ‘hard core right-wing activists’ to the leaders of Nazi Germany. I’m not kidding. One of Steineger’s justifications for attending the event is listed below.

4) During WWII, Eisenhower, Churchill and the other Allies knew that we couldn’t beat Hitler and the Nazis by staying at home. They knew that the only way to win was to invade the Nazis’ turf and take it from them and that’s exactly what happened. Indeed, on the campaign from Normandy to Berlin, the Allies also learned that thousands of German troops no longer believed in Hitler’s message, were willing to surrender, and find a better system to live by. Those who changed their minds built the modern Germany which provides universal health insurance at a sustainable price, and will soon be the first nation to close all coal-fired power plants and make the upgrade to clean, renewable sources of electricity.

If Chris Steineger believes that any of the attendees at the Tea Parties last month – or supporters of coal-fired power plants, for that matter – even resemble Hitler and his fellow Nazi leaders, perhaps he should re-consider a career in public service.

www.StayRedKansas.Com would like to call on Senator Steineger to recant his misguided words. If he wants to walk back to the leaders of his Party with his tail between his legs, that’s his problem. When he does so, we would appreciate him refraining from slanderous and offensive partisan cheap shots.