Taking the party back. My personal manifesto.

I’m sick to my stomach about the state of the nation. Obviously Republicans have been destroyed in the last two elections in a public rejection of epic proportions. When you lose this many House seats over two consecutive elections and you lose nine states that you won just four years prior, something is wrong on the inside. It does us no service to blame the media, the voters, or George W. Bush. The problem lies with ourselves. This Party is broken because for too long we’ve been contradicting ourselves. It is time to get back to basics and provide a clear liberty platform that can and will win with vigorous defense and support. Liberty must be the primary focus. We must approach every issue with this as our concern and in interest of keeping the coalition broad, we must resist the temptation to go too far on any issue. Stick with liberty. It is the message that works. So here goes…

Abortion is not an issue the federal government has any right to interfere with. Roe vs. Wade was a product of activist judge’s legislating from the bench by re-writing the Constitution unilaterally. Our form of government firmly opposes that and we should simply go back to the federalist form of government that allows individuals at the local level to decide how best to move forward in regards to abortion legislation.

Further, Gay Marriage is not a concern of the federal government. This is a matter best left to states and should not be dealt with by virtue of a constitutional amendment. Individuals are best equipped to deal locally with issues this personal.

As liberty is the main concern, public displays of faith absent advocacy and prosleytizing should be considered protected under the First Amendment. People should be able to pray in schools with others who freely choose to do so and towns who wish to display religious iconography on holidays or at any other time should be allowed to do so without the hysteric dramatics of groups like the ACLU.

Per liberty, there should be a right for individuals to work where they choose and leave whenever they choose, and vice versa an employer should be able to hire and fire whomever they choose. Employers have rights and liberty just as employees do.

Taxes should be as low as possible. The lower the taxes on an individual the higher his freedom is. You can not be free absent your own economic autonomy and as such taxes must be kept as low as possible while allowing for essential government responsibilities being met.

Acceptable government responsibilities funded by tax dollars are those of providing for the common defense and enforcement of the laws of the land. We require a strong military and defense budget to protect us from the enemies that would do us harm. We require a strong law enforcement apparatus that protects our borders and law-abiding citizens from criminals.

Other than these responsibilities the government is almost always over-reaching. It is never the government’s responsibility to help those that refuse to help themselves. This is counter to liberty and counterproductive. Helping the elderly, the sick, and the children is first society’s job, but can be done by society in part through limited government programs funded with that society’s approval. However, help should only be given when designed wherever possible as a way out of needing government help. There should never be assistance for assistance’s sake which strips those helped of their autonomy and leaves them dependent on the government.

Social Security is broken. Social Security should be opened up to choice allowing individuals to invest their own earnings however they wish rather than just allowing the government to decide for them. There is no liberty where money is taken from individuals and withheld from their control without their input.

Healthcare is not a right. Our healthcare system is the best in the world precisely because it is done for profit. We recruit the best doctors by promising high incentives for working hard. We create the best medical breakthroughs for the same reason. Our technology and innovation is born and bred in our capitalist system of high rewards and profits. To socialize medicine would stifle innovation, destroy the profession, and lead to worse medication and healthcare for all. There can be ways to help those that can’t help themselves, but the best way to provide for more healthcare for more americans is to provide them with more choices and less taxes so they can keep their wages and afford insurance. The worst thing to do would be to make healthcare worse for everyone so that we all have equally bad healthcare.

The right to personal gun ownership is sacred and fundamental for personal liberty and security. Gun control only strips liberty from those that follow the law. Lawbreakers will still be free to terrorize and acquire black market weaponry. This is self-defeating and absurd. Individuals can be trusted to own guns responsibly and legally and should not be punished for a desire to defend their property. Rather they should be encouraged.

Climate change, natural or man-made, is not an excuse to deprive individuals of liberty. Destroying industry will destroy our way of life just as surely as any unchecked climate change. The key is to captain industry and engage them in the fight. Providing tax and other incentives to make a greener economy profitable is preferable to penalties and stricter government control of industry.

Energy independence is supported as a greater liberty for all. We should be open to all available natural resources we can tap in our nation and should encourage industries to advance them. We should drill for all available oil in all available areas to increase production at home. Further we should open industry up to building more nuclear plants. A market for wind, solar, coal, and any other resource should also be incentivized and opened to the market. This nation is at its best when she is free and there should be no nation that can control our energy demands. There is also no better way to get more energy resources tapped than the free market. This nation can be energy independent faster if we unleash our innovative free market to the task.

Free Trade is an absolute must for any economy. It aides consumers by providing a myriad of choices and aides industry by allowing them more consumers in various markets and competition to keep them strong and healthy. Isolationism kills innovation, industry, and an individual’s liberty. A nation that can’t compete with the world is a nation dependent on the world in the future.

Our foreign policy can’t be concerned with human rights and nation building. We believe it is up to individuals to determine for themselves what type of government they wish to have and we believe government should be small and subservient to the people. This logically follows that our government is not the solution home or abroad. Our government can’t make the world a better place, but through strong defense and vigorous trade we can make it a safer one for our interests. We can’t improve the world through government action just as we can’t improve lives at home through more governmnet intervention. Our policy is to aide those seeking democracy, trade, and a more secure world, but not to try and convert people to our cause through force of arms. Wars are costly and only expand government power and should only be used as a last resort in defense of our national interest not the interest of other nations nor the interest of a particular group of people. We simply can not afford to be the world’s policeman nor is the job one that affords the policeman any gratitude or respect for doing so.

So what do you think? Am I a terrible human being who should be bounced from the Republican Party?