NRCC can not pull out of Michele Bachmann's district.

The 6th district of Minnesota was, up until last Friday, one of our safe seats in the House. Then Rep. Michele Bachmann went on Hardball and put her own foot in her mouth so much so that her opponent raised over a million dollars in the subsequent few days and got her very own condemnation from Gen. Colin Powell. Now there are rumors of a possible pull out of the NRCC on Politico. I hope this isn’t the case. We must do what we can to keep safe red districts in our hands.

Regardless of what one may think about Bachmann’s comments, we have to hold this district. The House Republicans are our thin red line against socialism in this country. Repeat. The House Republicans are our thin red line against socialism in this country.

If you believe we need to protect those that protect our liberties it is time to stand up and donate to downticket endangered House Republicans and protect our advocates like Bachmann. Donate Now!

We simply must not lose sight of our downticket races. We all know the Democrats are making gains and considering 2006 we are desperately in need of holding the line to block the Pelosi socialists from taking over this country. Michele Bachmann is in a district we can hold despite her current problems. This district is begging for a Republican, but we simply have to fight against the rhetoric. Again, it hardly matters what Bachmann says about Obama or anti-americanism. What matters is that she is right and will vote that way against the Pelosi Congress. She is a reliable vote and one we can’t afford to surrender to the altar of political correctness.

Please Donate if you can. Please write the NRCC if you can. Make sure we don’t surrender this seat.

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