Please stop and take a deep breath, Mr. Erickson

Today, Erick Erickson dedicated a whole post aimed at eviscerating my credibility. His temper tantrum aside, I must say that I am flattered. I am a weekend warrior writer who doesn’t hold views that mesh 100% with those of the people on this site, nothing more.


First, Mr. Erickson attacks my formatting. Seriously, dude? This isn’t my job. When I read things that catch my eye, I write something in Microsoft Word and post on your site. You are absolutely correct that I copy and paste. Perhaps the shortcoming is with your software, not my formatting skills. See the first few comments on your article.


Secondly, he attacks my choice of topics. Simply put, if I see something that interests me, I write about it. For your information, I have an immediate family member who works in the pharmaceutical industry – do I have your permission to care about those issues?


The Senate race in Indiana also interests me. I happen to think the people of Indiana would be losing much more than they would gain by ousting the senior Republican member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for an unproven amateur who speaks in bumper sticker slogans. I’m sorry that I don’t enjoy watching the Republican Party implode right before one of the biggest elections in recent history.


Mr. Erickson, please don’t use the fact that one person on your site disagrees with your views as an excuse to badmouth the Lugar campaign. I don’t sit around and comment on every article because I have plenty of other things going on in my life. You are the one who made the decision to allow people to write about the topics of their choice by offering the Diary service. Maybe you should put a disclaimer on it?


I can see that diversity—hell, nuancing—of opinion is something that is not valued here, so I will leave you all alone to reinforce the group thought you call conservatism. Oh, and please excuse the formatting.