Mourdock Campaign Pillages Personal Info

Remember when I said Richard Mourdock was a liar? It turns out that I need to add “thief” to that list.

Mourdock’s campaign is currently under investigation for an e-mail sent by campaign manager Jim Holden instructing staffers to “start pillaging email addresses” from a voter database used by Indiana Republicans. The Indiana Republican Party immediately revoked the Mourdock campaign’s access to the database after learning of these shocking and underhanded actions.

Richard Mourdock has run his race as a self-proclaimed Washington outsider, damning anybody who has set foot inside the beltway and railing against the federal government. The sheer hypocrisy of this man becomes clear when you juxtapose his words against his actions.

The talking points Mourdock has used on the stump center around pillars of conservative thought: fiscal restraint, accountability in government, and personal responsibility.  In reality, Mourdock has shown he is willing to go around, under or through anything standing in his way of winning this primary, personal privacy or pay-to-play laws be damned.

Frankly, these Chicago-style politics have no place in Indiana. Mourdock would not have to move far to feel much more at home with the local politicians. He in no way deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as luminaries like Dick Lugar or Mitch Daniels.

As the primary approaches, the people of Indiana are beginning to see the real Richard Mourdock – and the more they learn, the less they like him. Mourdock claims he wants to change Washington. If that is the case, then why is he already acting like the insiders he supposedly loathes?

Richard Mourdock is not right for Indiana, nor is he right for the country. The United States is at a pivotal point in our history and we need men of integrity to represent us in Washington. The people of Indiana are lucky that they already have someone they can trust to uphold their Hoosier values and not worry about Chicago-style trickery and possible criminal activity.