A Follow-Up

It seems Mr. Mourdock is reading my blog. As I have stated before, Mr. Mourdock can only gain by touting his support of right-to-work legislation, both in Indiana and also nationally. Recently, he spoke to an acquaintance of mine and made it quite clear that should he be elected to the United States Senate, one his first priorities would be to see that National Right to Work legislation becomes law.

The conversation was longer, but suffice it say that Mr. Mourdock is passionate about the issue and does not support the heavy-handed tactics of union leadership, sometimes called “Big Labor”.  It appears that not only does Mr. Mourdock understand the political benefits of pushing National Right-to-Work, but he also believes strongly in the initiative as well. I have no doubt that should Mr. Mourdock get elected this November, he will join others in pushing this legislation.