Richard Mourdock's Big Shot

I recently wrote a short piece on Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s claims regarding Senator Lugar’s position on Obamacare. I stand by what I said – Mr. Mourdock is being dishonest and needs to stick to the issues. However, quite a few people took my criticism of Mr. Mourdock’s campaign tactics as an outright endorsement of Senator Lugar. This is not the case.


The people of Indiana have many legitimate questions that Senator Lugar needs to answer. His record is simply not as conservative as many in the Republican Party want it to be. And there is also that pesky residency issue that just won’t go away.


However, in my opinion, Mr. Mourdock is missing out on a fantastic opportunity to further align himself with conservative activists, both locally and nationally, by taking a strong, vocal stance in the right-to-work debate. Many of my friends who have attended his events love what Mr. Mourdock has to say about National Right to Work. He can only help himself by continuing to press the issue.


While the debate has, for the moment, been settled in Indiana by the stroke of Governor Daniels’ pen, the right-to-work argument continues to heat up nationally. Everyone remembers the big Boeing hullabaloo, right?  Just Tuesday night at the National Republican Congressional Committee 2012 March Dinner, Keynote Speaker, Governor Nikki Haley spent a significant portion of her speech touting the rewards of  South Carolina’s institution of right-to-work policies.


There is right-to-work legislation currently pending in both the House and Senate. The Senate bill, S. 504 has 21 cosponsors, many of them hailing from the conservative wing of the Republican Party: Senators Jim DeMint, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, to name a few. Senator Lugar is not a cosponsor.


I can hardly think of a better way for Mr. Mourdock to distinguish himself as the conservative alternative to Senator Lugar than by increasing his involvement in the right-to-work debate, all the while avoiding any questions regarding his character. It’s a win-win, at least for Mr. Mourdock.

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