The Sad State of Shelley Berkley

Shelley Berkley is now officially grasping for straws. The current Representative and candidate for Senate is in a close race with appointed Senator Dean Heller and she and her team are frantically searching for anything Mrs. Berkley can use to bolster her uninspiring record in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Mrs. Berkley was elected in 1999, when the economy was still coasting on the momentum of the Tech boom and overseas conflicts were a fading memory. With most Americans feeling confident this joy ride would never end, it only made sense to elect those who would tow the line. Rocking the boat? Strictly prohibited.


Fast forward ten years to the late 2000’s and the picture is quite different: the economy in freefall, troops deployed across the globe, and Democrats controlling a super-majority in Congress. What had Mrs. Berkley been up to during this roller-coaster of a decade? Sadly, not much. That is, unless you count being a “yes” woman for the Democratic party during one of the most destructive periods of legislating in the history of the United States.


How did she vote on the egregious government takeover of healthcare affectionately known as Obamacare? Why, in favor, of course! How about the ludicrous system of emissions credit trading known as Cap and Trade? Count her in. The 2008 Bailout of Wall Street? All for it – we can always print more money, right?


One can hardly blame Mrs. Berkley for attempting to shift the discussion away from her actual record. However, these attempts have become so laughable that Politco, a widely circulated daily publication on politics, ran a story titled “Shelley Berkley touts role in visa bill she didn’t write.”


Mrs. Berkley does not limit her distractions to non-existent legislative accomplishments, however. She immediately seized the left’s narrative regarding the recent debate on exemptions of conscience for religious employers, decrying the innate unfairness of women being “forced” to pay for their own birth control. Mrs. Berkley also has created a rhetorical sideshow focusing on the influence of outside money on the election process. She has attempted to refocus the debate on so-called Super PACs, legal entities that can raise unlimited amounts of money for uncoordinated use in elections. Senator Heller would be well served to ignore Mrs. Berkley’s stunt and pivot the discussion back to that which she is attempting to distance herself – her lackluster record.


In another era, Mrs. Berkley might have been able to argue maintaining the status quo as a reasonable option, but those days are past. It is the sort of indifference and complete lack of leadership exhibited by Mrs. Berkley that has allowed this country to veer so wildly off course. The people of Nevada don’t need a Senator who will be a lapdog to Harry Reid, pointedly ignoring the most pressing issues of our time.


If Mrs. Berkley is already scrambling to find something in her record on which she can run, stay tuned.  November is a long way off and things could get pretty interesting.

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