Richard Mourdock, Dick Lugar and Lies

Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, primary challenger to Senator Dick Lugar, is a liar. At least, according to The Huffington Post, Senator Lugar said he was. Or maybe he implied it. Here’s the truth: Richard Mourdock is, in fact, a liar.


Mr. Mourdock has repeatedly attempted to paint Senator Lugar as a supporter of Obamacare, which is patently false. Senator Lugar has a long history of opposing the law and has voted against it in multiple forms—32 different times by his campaign’s count.


Mr. Mourdock equates the fact that Senator Lugar did not sign onto a legal brief regarding Florida’s suit against the healthcare law case with unadulterated support of the law. In real world terms, this is akin to saying that if you are not a member of an activist organization, you directly oppose whatever cause they champion.


One does not have to be familiar with the inner workings of Capitol Hill to see how flawed and dishonest this reasoning is. In the current political and media climate, a politician faces a significant risk every time he puts pen to paper and signs his name onto anything. It is impossible to speculate why Senator Lugar did not sign onto this brief, and no one should try to, Mr. Mourdock included.


Frankly, letters are a dime-a-dozen on the Hill. If you want to know where a member stands on an issue, look at his voting record. In this case, the evidence is clear: Senator Lugar opposed Obamacare somewhere between one and thirty two times.


Mr. Mourdock should shelve the dishonest rhetoric—political talk for lies—and focus on real issues facing the country. Tough primaries can make the eventual candidate stronger and smarter, but not if the voters lose all sense of where either candidate stands on the issues because of nasty infighting.


The Senate is a great place to work, and nobody blames Mr. Mourdock for wanting to try his hand at the Indiana primary. What Mr. Mourdock will have to decide is whether or not a title and personal ambition are worth compromising all personal and professional integrity to achieve.

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