10 Reasons Why Voters Dig The Donald

As much fun as it is watching the heads of pundits and party establishment-types explode, I’m someone who can’t stand to see dumb animals in pain, so it’s my duty to help them understand the Trump phenomenon – and do it in an easy-to-grasp way. Since Letterman’s not using the format anymore, I present the key reasons here in a simple listing.


10. He doesn’t dodge the issues. No, he doesn’t have all the answers yet… but at least he acknowledges the questions, and speaks frankly about them (such as the illegal immigrant invasion, the non-recovery recovery, 94 million out-of-work Americans, trade imbalances, and idiotic and dangerous treaties and agreements)… You name it, he’ll address it.

9. He’s not a lawyer. This isn’t a “hate” on attorneys, it’s just that Trump’s is wired differently than the hordes of former lawyers in Washington. He won’t be joining in D.C. “groupthink” and adopting a “we can’t do that” approach to governing. Trump supporters think that maybe – just maybe – someone like him can crack the crust on D.C. and let some fresh air in.

8. He’s making politics fun again. He has a wisecracking, fast-talking style that entertains us. He’s irreverent and makes us smile and laugh at our self-appointed “betters” in government. He’s a guy you’d invite to a party – what a joy after three decades of somber poseurs.

7. He’s smart, much smarter than you. Much of the media and political class don’t believe that businesspeople are all that intelligent. So they think a guy like Trump is a clown. But you don’t get to where Trump is without being able to out-think and out-negotiate the best. Successful global business leaders are playing 3-D chess, while most of you are playing checkers. So stop with the “clown” label, already. Look a little deeper.

6. He doesn’t need the money. He doesn’t need party money. Or lobbyist’s money. Or dominant-donor money. And in the usual style of conservatives, Trump made his fortune BEFORE being elected – unlike 99% of Democrats, who go into government poor and come out rich.

5. He boasts a successful sartorial style. Trump respects himself and voters, and shows up every day in a suit-and-tie, like we want our Presidents to do. (They’re not high school English teachers, after all.)

4. He comes off as honest. You can’t become as successful as Trump has if you’re known widely as a liar and a cheat. He’s probably not squeaky clean, either, but show us one D.C. politician who is in a position to throw stones. Most are dirty, and come off that way.

3. Speaking of throwing stones… When someone sucker-punches Trump, he doesn’t just take it. He hits back. Wow… what a concept, fighting back… whether you’re talking about personal insults, terrorism, or geopolitical force.

2. He’s flip-flopped. Gee, you mean like other Americans have changed their beliefs through the years? Every election we’re told that “the independents will decide.” What is an “independent” but someone who’s not a rigid ideologue?

1. The number one reason people are supporting Trump: “Hey, how much worse could it get?”

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