Dang! I missed the RightOnline conference!

I had to work, or I would have been there.  I am VERY interested in speaking with anyone who attended.  I have 2 very BIG ideas in the works that need some guidance.  The first is already up and running, but is not receiving any traffic.  To make a long story short, back in the Fall, Rush Limbaugh had a parody of MoveON.Org on the back page of his monthly newsletter.  He called his RushOn.Org.  But, there was no site up at RushOn.Org.  In fact, nobody owned RushOn.Org.  I panicked!  I instantly pictured some Liberal buying it and making a mockery of Rush.  So, I bought it!

Now I need help in making this a valuable site.  If anyone can offer advice or wants to write for the site, please contact me through www.RushOn.org.