What's Next?

Last January Barack Obama was sworn in as president.  I was seriously concerned that this charismatic, young, energetic personality was going to change our country in a bad way.  But then as the year went on, he accomplished nothing.  I thought to myself, the stimulus did not work, unemployment is rising and cap and trade seemed to die on the senate floor.  The tea party movement began to gain some serious momentum, wow I said, the silent majority is finally paying attention.  Great, it looked to me like Obama’s political capital was being spent at a fast pace.  Then we have the NJ and VA elections.  Even better,  I thought to myself, this guy is FINISHED.  No way healthcare can pass, no way the senate and congress will walk the plank for this fool and kill their political careers….Boy was I wrong.  Now I sit here, days before Christmas, watching healthcare getting ready to be passed and I wonder to myself what is next????  Amnesty to immigrants, the fairness doctrine!!!  Where and when does this stop?  We spoke out loudly to our elected officials and no one listened. We can not allow this to go on.  So, now I ask myself, what can we do?

We need to make the phone ring more often and loudly, the knock on the door has to be harder and frequent, our elected officials must hear from us.  But us alone is not enough.  We have to grow this conservative movement.  But, I do not want to just say we need to grow this movement, I want to help lay out an actual operational strategy to take back America.  We need to organize ourselves, with simple truthful talking points and facts, which we need to lay out in a simple way, that people can relate to.  We need to educate ourselves with these talking points and the we need to spread them to our friend and families.

Below are some quick points I have outlined.  They can be the start but obviously need to be better articulated and refined:

1.) Terror trials in NYC.  If you do not want to execute them, fine.  Just lock them up and forget about them.  Kalid Sheik Momhamed is obviously guilty.  Why give him all this attention?  This is what they want.  Also, do you know what this is going to cost us taxpayers.  Forget the traffic in NYC as well.

2.) Unemployment 10.2%.  1 out of every 8 Americans is now collecting food stamps.  That’s is some change we can believe in.  is this the change you expected?

3.) Closing GITMO, so you want to bring them to our prisons to spread hate to other inmates.  Yeah, no problem, create some more home grown terror cells.  We can stand to lose a few thousand more innocent citizens.  Just hope it is no one we know or love, right.

4.) Looking to prosecute CIA agents for interrogations.  I should of asked you if you agree with this question on 9/12/01 and got an answer.  Valuable information was obtained through these procedures that saved American lives.  It did foil the plot to take down the Brooklyn bridge.  But hey, we did offend some terrorist so how dare we!

5.) God forbid this healthcare thing goes through, you think insurance is expensive now, ha.  Just wait.  This bill does nothing to decrease the cost of medical care.  Do you realize, it does not even address medical malpractice suits also known as tort reform.  Also, lets not forget the basic laws of supply and demand.  Diamonds are more expensive than packing peanuts because diamonds are rare.  So now, if you introduce all these new patients to our medical system without first taking precautions, there will be a severe shortage of doctors.  Supply and demand, the cost to get a doctor will go up dramatically.

6.) How about this cap and trade thing he wants to put through.  Do you realize how the costs of everything would dramatically increase?  How does that milk get to the store… It is obtained by machines running off of gas and electric then delivered by gas powered trucks to the store?  Every cost will get passed along to the consumer.  That is just one example.  Every cost in every facet of your life would go up.

7.) All this spending will lead to one of 2 things, inflation or higher interest rates.  Which means we suffer in our everyday lives.  Even if you are not a political person, now is the time to stat paying attention because you will be affected.
– Inflation – Prices go up on everyday goods and our dollar is worth less.  Imagine milk being $9 a gallon.  Not good.
– High interest rates – makes borrowing harder and more expensive.  Business that we work for meet their cash requirements by borrowing money on a daily basis.  They also attempt to grow their business by borrowing.  High interest means less business’s growing, which means less private sector jobs.  Which them means more people will be depending on food stamps.