Hughes Money Bomb Illinois Senate today

The primary is only one week away.  Mark Kirk has a strong lead is is being pushed by the media and the establishment (and the Illinois combine).  Hughes has shown he can raise money, over $500k so far.  No one else besides Kirk has even $50k.  Hughes just released a survey showing his support up to 22%, although Kirk is still 42%.  Everyone else below 5% http://blogs.cqpolitics.com/eyeon2010/2010/01/with-eight-days-left-until.html  If conservatives continue to split their support among several contenders, it won’t matter which is the best.  Kirk will win.  If most conservative support Hughes, he might beat Kirk.  it is that simple.  FAIL with your honor intact or support your second or third choice and beat Kirk.  I just gave Hughes a second $50.  Does anyone want to bet me that their candidate, other than Hughes or Kirk, will get even half as many votes as Hughes.  Loser sends a contribution to any candidate of Erick Erickson’s choice, anywhere in the country.  Politics is the art of the possible.