Paul Vallas Republican! for Cook County Board President

This is my first post, so please forgive my errors.  I was asked to run for my local school board nearly 12 years ago.  I won and have been paying attention to education ever since.  Living near Chicago, I quickly heard many favorable comments about Paul Vallas, Chicago’s public schools chief.  He instituted many real reforms, started to increase student achievement, and didn’t allow graft or payrolling on his budget.  The teachers union got Daley to dump him because he wanted to get rid of bad teachers and wanted to institute accountability.  He ran in the Democratic primary for governor against Blago.  I vaguely recall that Burris added his name to the mix also, possibly as a stalking horse for Blago.  My memory could be wrong about that.  Blago only won by 25,000 votes.  Vallas went to Philadelphia to head their school board and then went to New Orleans to rebuild their schools.  He now appears to be ready to return to Illinois and run as a Republican for President of the Cook County Board.  I think this is great news for both Illinois and the Illinois Republican party.  See