To Mike Pence and the House Republicans; When are you people gonna learn?

So the Democrats screwed you and the American people again? I’m shocked, shocked, to see you guys played like fiddles by the Democrats (again). The problem is evident in your statement here.

“Bring a full and fair debate to this floor, and we will achieve a bipartisan result,” Pence said.

What on earth could possibly make you think that the Democrats are interested in a full and fair debate? Have they ever given any indication of that before? Since when have the Democrats in this Congress ever acted in good faith? What a bunch of chumps! You have become as lame as Charlie Brown believing Lucy won’t pull the football away when he tries to kick it.

In case you haven’t noticed bipartisan means Dem’s get what they want, Republicans get screwed. You spent the whole last month decrying the Dem’s scurrilous tactics and then you all show up to participate in the fraud that you knew was coming because…well you’re afraid a bunch of Democrats and their lapdogs in the Demedia might accuse you of being too partisan?

If the whole thing was, as you called it, “a charade”, if you had any principles or backbone left whatsoever, you and the rest of the Republicans would have stood up and walked out!

And then this gem? Oooh, these are fightin’words! I’m sure the Dems are shakin’ in their boots.

Should the bill pass, however, Pence said the Republicans will use every moment between now and Election Day to show the American people that at least one party cares about America’s energy interests.

Really? You had a chance to DO SOMETHING tonight and you guys folded faster than a bad poker hand. Freakin’ wake up! The Dem’s are not your friends, your colleagues, the honorable opposition or any of the other euphemisms you so politely use to address one another. They do not engage in good faith debate!

Do you think the Democrats are going to use every moment to show that they care about the American people or will they use every means at their disposal to continue making fools out of you?

I don’t give a rat’s patoot that you CARE about Americas’s energy interests. Talk is free. You had a chance to ACT tonight and YOU BLEW IT! BIG!

“Talk is cheap, except when Congress does it.”

Cullen Hightower

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