Open Letter to House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) et al.

Dear Congressman Boehner,

My sincere thanks to you and the rest of the House Republicans who have resisted efforts by Speaker Pelosi to squelch the long overdue and much needed debate about America’s current and future energy needs.

Thanks to your collective efforts, the day of that debate is drawing near. It will have been nearly two months since you began your quest to open this debate began and since then, the public has heard very little from the Democrats on this. Now that Congress is back in session, details of their proposals are starting to trickle out and it’s the typical mish-mash of half measures and empty promises, channeling money and influence to the well connected.

As the Republican Leader in the House, I would like to know if it is your intention, as well as the intention of your congressional allies, to stand the ground that you have claimed with your recent words and actions, accepting nothing less than a complete lifting of the moratorium on drilling on the OCS and in ANWR, and prompt, aggressive removal of impediments to the active pusuit and utilization of all energy resources and technologies.

Because that’s what people have been hearing. And they’ve supported you enthusiastically.

As I’m sure you’re aware, another message has been resonating across this land. A firebrand from Alaska has awakened a yearning in the American people for a return to conservative, limited, ethical government. We, the people, are sick and tired of being lied to, ripped off and played for fools by what most people consider to be one of the worst, most corrupt congresses ever, irrespective of party affiliation. We, the people, are tired of seeing embezzlers, thieves, con-men and liars enrich themselves, their families and their friends on our dime. We, the people, are tired of seeing same said getting a walk on legal offenses that would land any of us citizens in jail for a long time. We, the people, are tired of a bunch of supposed adults whining like little children to their parents (we, the taxpayers) that they can’t possibly exist without a bigger allowance because, they don’t know how to manage their budget.

You have in front of you now, an historic opportunity to make a stand on the principles that made this country great and will keep her great if you stand by them. Do not cave to the allure of some Democratic compromise, or fall prey to your political instincts and the temptation of a bipartisan solution.

I implore you, for the good of your Country and your fellow citizens,

Do the right thing.