Moby/Troll debate tactics by the numbers.

Given the recent, disruptive infux of Moby/Trolls, trash talkers and DKos operatives, and the high probablity that they will continue their attempts to debate with us here at RS, I thought we could use some help in sorting them out.

“There is an old joke about prisoners in a penitentiary who have heard each other’s jokes so many times, they assigned numbers to them and shout those out, rather than retelling the joke.”

As you have probably noticed by now, our unwelcome visitors use assorted spurious debate tactics to distract and misinform, rumor monger, and just plain lie.

Rather than waste precious bandwith and time responding to their insincere, disingeuous and intellctually fraudulent posts, in reply, we could just post the number(s) that correspond to the debate tactics they are using (described below) and save ourselves a lot of time and irritation. Makes it easier on the moderators as well.

While this list is comprehensive, it is far from being a complete compendium of the more arcane debate tactics employed by our deceptive visitors. Make it a better and more useful tool with your additions and comments.

A special thanks to Sarge at Battalion S2

  1. Show up with your talking points. Make sure you have something that you feel will show your opponents in a negative light, and make that the subject of the discussion.

  2. Demonize your opponent. Attempt to cover them with shame, the same way you would a 4 year old that touches his pee-pee.

  3. If you see someone doing #2 above, support him immediately.

  4. Accuse your opponenet of saying something he didn’t. Attempt to define his statements in a negative light. Interpret them this way and state it as fact that he did actually say it. NEVER ask him…always TELL him what his meaning was.

  5. Claim that it is “old news” and not worthy of discussion. This applies especially when the discussion turns to the misdeeds of Democrat Party Leadership.

  6. Quote an unsourced news article. Always quote the article selectively, or describe it in a general manner.

  7. If asked direct questions about the news you have provided, respond indirectly. Never actually answer the specific of the question.

  8. If asked to source your news article, ignore the question.

  9. Accuse your opponent of a mental defect or lack of intelligence. Personal attacks of this sort are especially useful as the target will almost always try to defend himself, thus changing the subject.

  10. If the party leadership is attacked, attempt to turn the tables by inferring that someone in your opponenet’s party is just as bad.

  11. Accuse your opponent of not answering your questions. Try to do this before he has an opportunity to. Try to infer that it you have given him multiple opportunities to do so. Do it even if the question has been answered. If he misses the question and asks you to repeat it DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REPEAT THE QUESTION FOR HIS BENEFIT).

  12. * Resort to insults.* Try to question you opponent’s masculinity, his resolve, ANYTHING, but try to diminish and demean him. (This is know as the “LBJ Rule” codified by him thus: “Accuse your opponent of being a pig fornicator, then make him deny it.) REMEMBER, IF YOU HAVE TO RESORT TO THIS TACTIC, IT MEANS YOUR OPPONENT IS WINNING!

  13. Accuse your opponent of being uninformed. This works especially well when you are asked to provide your sources. It is especially effective if you work in a reference to someone you have already demonized. Rush Limbaugh is currently the Demon of Choice.

  14. Speak cryptically. Try to make it difficult for people to divine your meaning

  15. Change the subject. Try to get it back to your original talking points (see #1 above)

  16. Appear to agree. You will need to do this in order to achieve #15.

  17. Claim your opponent is being unreasonable or won’t listen to reason, and leave in a huff.

  18. Bait your opponent. Needle him, tease him, call him names until he makes an inappropriate post, then scream bloody murder to the Moderator.

  19. Deny the evidence exists. Ask for evidence of wrongdoing by those you support. When that evidence is presented, continue denying that it exists.

Happy Hunting!!

“He who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that.”

John Stuart Mill