The experience meme is a red herring.

The questions about the experience of Governor Sarah Palin are already being parroted by the idiots in the Left Wing Media and even by some here.

Experience alone does not a leader make. Much has been written about leadership over the years and I think it would be safe to say that a couple of themes that have emerged as a common traits of all great leaders. I offer two fo themfor your consideration that I hope will explain why I have no worries about Sarah Palin’s qualifications to lead this country if need be.

Great leaders have character, integrity, and courage. They exemplify a solid moral foundation in both their words and their actions. Their management style and decisions demonstrate an unwavering consistency and integrity in practicing what they preach and speaking truthfully even when it’s not expedient or beneficial to them personally.

Great leaders embody proper humility. They are genuine individuals who let the content of their character and leadership abilities speak for themselves. Great leaders do not boast about their accomplishments, abilities, and intelligence, nor justify their mistakes. They are not condescending towards those they lead or their peers.

Her personal life, her record and her acceptance speech this morning demonstrate to me that she has both of these traits in spades.

Biden and Obama don’t even come close. Not even in the same ballpark.

“Character matters; leadership descends from character.”

Rush H. Limbaugh