Dear Louisiana Conservatives - NOW is the TIME TO CONSOLIDATE -- My attempt to persuade the "not-Romneys" to do themselves a solid.

Louisiana has the potential to be the turning point.  So say Newt’s advisers. I believe they have crafted a very good argument that logically provides one path to nomination for Newt, but if pursued it will likely cause a brokered convention (something that I’m not “totally” against, especially when chattering candi-bots for Santorum are talking 3rd party).

The media has all but declared Newt2012 dead. Twice. They are wrong. The narratives have always been wrong. Our electoral system is built on one vote at a time, which leads to one vote by representation of a majority/plurality, and then another vote by representation of a majority/plurality, and finally one vote by representation resulting in a majority/plurality. All other rules invented to manipulate the process, the fact remains that we vote once, and hope all votes after ours represent us. Unfortunately the media has given up on allowing a process to unfold, and has become an epicenter of Bias that supports narratives invented by campaigns trying to persuade people to accept false dichotomies and often times false logic. Well hey, that’s just politics, don’t get mad, just be better at understanding the utility of the process than your opponent.

Which brings me to my attempt to persuade you:

Something just hasn’t been sitting right. I hear and hear and hear that Romney’s got this thing wrapped up, and although prognostications are sexy, especially when they’re proven correct… I believe that sometimes we just have to say NO to what is an attempt to push an agenda in order to have credibility about being a prognosticator.

What we know:
1. Romney is leading in the delegate count. (Although you shouldn’t count unpledged delegates for him — he’s still in the lead if you don’t. So the media does it anyway because it’s based on “best guess analysis” which is at best an educated guess… at some point the Math becomes impossible calculate to identify any reality or definitive at this stage — which is why I believe Newt’s advisers have a pretty good argument)

2. Media narratives are not being ignored — the average Republican primary voter is willing to accept surface arguments. Which is why the front-runner is the front-runner (which is to say their campaign is the best at convincing people they have a good argument – whether it’s negative or a positive one).

3. Between the “Etch-A-Sketch” and the “May as well stick with {Obama}…” comments… I have come to the conclusion that Newt is the only Adult in this race, and is therefore deserving of every 3 column conservative’s support. (And don’t bother with attempting to inform me of his past transgressions… I believe Newt… he says he’s moved on, the question is can you?)

It’s time to consolidate around Newt Gingrich. There is just no need to continue to support a candidate that has a terrible fiscal record, and a terrible voting record, a terrible record on “unintended consequences”, and even worse a terrible gaffe record. I have come to the conclusion that these 4 criteria represent both Romney and Santorum (how’s that for a narrative?). I have FINALLY been pushed into the Newt Gingrich fan club (my primary is come and gone, and so has Rick Perry, but it’s not too late to clean up this mess).

Now it’s up to you Louisiana, you have the opportunity to re-ignite the not-Romney insurgency and have a chance to give us a credible candidate.

If Newt’s Team is telling you that you could be a tipping point, then rise up and fulcrum — leverage everything and be bold. Even your respected and elected local leaders are behind Newt. It’s time to consolidate to the only man in the race that doesn’t capitulate over ridiculous narratives, and just wants to put forth as many common sense ideas as possible, and work on the ones where there is common ground, and consensus to move forward.

Paint me a Newtonian, let’s take it to convention if we have to.