Attention: Imbecilic Candi-bots Calling for a 3rd Party Solution to a Romney Nomination -- This is for you

First here is your list of Winners (pronounced [loo-zers]) source: (http://www.presidentsusa.net/thirdparty.html)


Now that we’ve dispensed with the ridiculous notion that a 3rd Party candidate *might* be able to win, let’s talk about what you’re really proposing, and why it’s a very BAD idea.

A 3rd Party no matter what it is, is an “issue-driven” party, which is to suggest that the “issue” must be taken up as a “cause”, and a “cause” will most definitely require winning hearts and minds to Modify, Repeal, or Create new laws. Look at the list above, and tell me that any of those 3rd Parties weren’t just really large issue-driven movements that were not about political philosophy as much as they were about ideological purity.

Movements are progressive in nature (no not that kind of progressive — calm down), and they of necessity require consensus within a party that wins an election to bring about the desired goal of some sort of policy, law, or amendment enacted to revolutionize or reform our constitution or titles, codes, and policies. (There are some amendments that are necessary, but many often cause more litigiousness and immoral justification for removing individual liberties in favor of governance and government intervention — thereby creating dependence, not fostering independence)

There is nothing wrong with being part of a movement. There is nothing wrong with wanting to amend the constitution (we are a free society to do so). There is however something VERY wrong with candidates and their loyalists that drop out of a party to challenge an election with a 3rd party issue driven campaign, hoping to drive wedges rather than working within the confines of consensus within the party.

Suggesting that 3rd Party votes are ‘for the good of the party – to teach the “elites” a lesson’ in reality just get the other political philosophy in office. This path is not some loyalty driven sense of duty borne of hope. Rather, it is Political Extremism (and we’re not talking about being “extreme in the defense of liberty” here, we’re talking extremely kooky basement-living-never-see-the-light-of-day-don’t-get-out-much kind of extremism).

Political extremism in this context requires 2 elements:
1. An over-simplified, and most likely naive diagnosis regarding the cause and effect of all the World’s ills. (see: Occutards, Paulistinians, Tin-Foil Hat Society, Conspiracy Theorists, Gold Investors that claim they’re insulated from the inevitable crash that is coming)
2. An undeniable conviction born out of anxiety/kookiness that there are specific IDENTIFIABLE VILLAINS that must be stopped at all costs!

Integrity is not defined by claiming you’ll never work with someone else that you don’t agree with 100%. There is nothing righteous in indignation that is spent through hatred towards a person borne out of an idea they have espoused with which you most vehemently disagree.

So with that being said… Please, don’t become what you hate… Don’t go 3rd party.