Division spells (D)-(I)-Vision

Personally, I enjoy watching the moderators, well, moderate (on their own). They have such a style and panache, that mere mortals like myself clumsily if not, wantonly practice. I am unlikely to develop this “super-power” without reaching the Gladwell-10,000-Hour Rule, which I am certain some regulars here may be approaching.

In our current primary, I have attempted to highlight “let the best campaign win” since Rick Perry dropped out. I have firmly been a “Not-Romney”, however I had my own reasons for not jumping into the Newt camp or the Santorum camp, and have always resisted both. That being said, the intent of the diary is not to make arguments of “pro-Romney”, or “get out”, or “inevitability”, or any other such non-sense that the candi-bots will most inherently take it for.

What it *IS* is a diary that points out a VERY specific temptation. A most EGREGIOUS temptation. A temptation that will have even the most elect and wise in our conservative quarters falling on the sword and swearing allegiance to Atlas’ Political Shrug.

DIVISION. Division in the Republican party at this time is a future where (D) and (I’s leaning D) will claim victory over conservatism, victory over limited government, and victory over the crucial distinction between Independence and Government Dependence.

I believe we are about to see the descending of Moby’s, Trolls, and open Democrats claiming to be here on good terms seeking to DIVIDE conservatives, libertarians, and moderate Republicans into a 3rd Party blood bath… need anecdotal evidence?

I came across this little gem of a thought… to which on the outset, seems a harmless suggestion from a Drum-beating candi-bot… but in reality… it was exposed for a desire to drive division in OUR HOUSE from what I gather to be a young libertarian that believes 3rd party is the answer.

We know and understand that a House divided can not stand. It is time to unite against this intolerable insolence be it internal or external… and OBEY the 11th commandment.

I don’t intend to persuade you that we can get back to a peaceful turkey dinner after crazy uncle zed’s outburst, or suggest that the kids in the room won’t be mad at Dad for the rest of their lives putting his foot down regarding that trip to the old pond in lieu of the pile of work he’s offered as an alternative. Families need time to heal and forgive as much or MORE than enemies do.

You know what I am talking about. We don’t have to tip-toe around it. We have at this present time a “most likely, but not entirely inevitable Nominee” in Mitt Romney. Even so much so that Erick Erickson has all but stopped short of calling the game for conservatives fighting the “Anti-Romney” campaign. (and I do mean Anti-Romney as opposed to the “Not Romney” which would imply this is just a preference issue, but it isn’t, those that resist continue to resist because of their absolute mistrust in Romney). I suppose there will be the usual “Let the healing begin” business from our “conservative leaders” asking the “base” of the party to “ACC-CENT-TUATE the Positive, ELIIIIMINATE the Negative” for a candidate that has caused an unusual volume of guttural noise and acid reflux for a conservative base.

I simply haven’t got the patience to persuade people that won’t ever see clothes on a naked emperor… However I’m asking you that if the naked emperor is all we have standing between us and Genghis Kahn… let’s get behind the naked emperor and try our best to look down at our feet, and ignore the wart-ed buttocks that leads us… while we defend our liberty and our land from change that will rid the world of hope.

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