Passing the Mantle of Reagan Requires a Field of Opportunities Rather than a Harvest of Opportunists.

The title of this diary was borrowed from the heading of the following excerpt in a previous diary I wrote at the beginning of the Primary season:

True Americans fight for honesty and search for the truth. If we can’t find a candidate with leadership that comes from the moral authority of living justly and judging righteously, then we are doomed as a nation. If a candidate with the leadership quality of moral authority can’t bring most of us along in the primary let alone the general electorate, then our nation is in need of some serious repentance.

I say let the field be wide and deep. Let the candidates declare their beliefs rather than attempt to convince us of their own ‘charismatic electability rating’ or the ‘fatal flaws’ of their opponents. Let the candidates understand that if their beliefs are challenged by the people they may have to burn a few bridges to somewhere {even if it means they lose their ‘shot’} to stand firm for what you believe in. Standing up for what you believe in and losing the primary isn’t something to be ashamed of, it just means it wasn’t your time. Either the people were not prepared to embrace the truth, or you didn’t do your homework enough to know the truth of the matter, and how to communicate it. You see it’s not about understanding what the people think they need. It’s about knowing what is needed and being able to communicate so effectively that you stir the hearts and minds of good people everywhere to stand with you.

This is why Reagan was so effective. He did his homework, he knew and understood good sound principles of governance because he was tenacious in understanding what was needed and how to communicate it. The right candidate knows the difference between winning an election vs. winning the heart and soul of the nation.

It bears a great deal of relevance at this time. We have 4 remaining Republican candidates. In an almost unholy manner have each of them attempted to draw some parallel of Reagan’s legacy to their own record and rhetoric. I’m curious as to Why? they feel the need to draw these parallels. Campaigning in these modern times is so intense, that there are entire teams dedicated to testing messages among crowds for their effectiveness.

I understand invoking the name of Reagan and underscoring his message among Republicans is the equivalence of gathering a group of devout Catholics, and quoting from the Pope. So that much isn’t lost on me… I get it… speaking about Reagan is good, showing your understanding of his legacy, and repeating his message ties an emotional response of “like” to the candidate speaking about those things. Yet, here is where I’m confused…

Why does the Republican electorate respond with admiration for candidates because of their recognition of Reagan’s legacy? Everyone knows that Republicans admire and love Reagan… so how is it that people buy in so much regarding one’s ties to that legacy?

So for me, here is where the GOP nomination race stands. We have 2 top tier candidates that are both sincere when talking about their own record, and insincere when talking about the other candidate’s record. Both are fighting to receive the nomination, and now their arguments are boiling down to who is being more honest, and who is more “establishment”. Then we have a very authentic and sincere candidate that ought to be given more consideration, but simply is ignored due to a spotty election record, and supported in the name of “compassionate conservatism” some big spending bills, but at least he is authentic, and sincere, and doesn’t spend a lot of time trashing the other candidates for personal issues. Finally the “other guy” is simply not tenable to any American that takes seriously our role as the “shining city on the hill” in the world, let’s just leave it at that.

Shear pragmatism tells me my choices are between Romney and Gingrich. Phooey. I can be for conservatism by focusing on candidates that understand that Reagan’s legacy isn’t about Reagan the man, it’s about how Reagan the man lived according to the dictates of his conscience, and not being tossed to and fro by every wind of electorate feet stamping.

I’m just a little tired of the opportunists. The folks that go about with levity and the wherewithal to denigrate the integrity of our candidates due to their preferences of conservative dogma…

It seems to me that there has been a great deal of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth that is entirely the effect of less rational adults that never got passed their childish tantrums as a means to getting what they want. Just about every parent has experienced this phenomenon where the child often can’t see beyond their immediate wants to see that in the

Well I may not prefer Romney, and I may not prefer Gingrich… but I certainly don’t want Obama as a President. That alone is enough for me to face the reality that I can’t sit on the fence in the general. However for the primary, I’ve given up the hope that the conservative electorate of Republicans will have an opportunity to find a candidate that received the Mantle of Reagan by effectively communicating conservative principles, as opposed to opportunists that would like to co-opt a legacy to claim political superiority.

Both Newt and Romney are guilty of going negative on each other, to them I would ask “Why should a conservative have hope in the future under your Presidency?” Sadly neither are answering that question, they’re more content claiming they’re better than the rest of our options.

It is our own fault for desiring “electability” over seeking the principled candidate. Let’s not waste time bemoaning the remaining arguments of electability or inevitability. Let’s not fool ourselves into believing one candidate is more or less “Establishment” than the other. (Is there a way to become a member of this Establishment? Can I donate to some fund and become a card carrying member that like the boogeyman can somehow by voodoo cause voters to accept MY candidate… if only I had that power, how I’d use it wisely! — see how stupid blaming an unidentifiable group of people for failure to win delegates in the nominating process is?).

Long and short, if Newt can’t survive Romney’s 5-1 spending in Florida, how will he survive Obama’s 10-1 spending in the general election, with an MSM that will lie, cheat, and bias their way to character defamation regardless of who our nominee is?

If Romney thinks that Newt’s being unrealistic about his criticisms… well good luck with trying to tell the Media how they’re wrong about their criticisms when you’re going up against Obama.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we must HEAL and HEAL quickly the divide once we have our nominee, we must like good sports congratulate the winner, and get behind them if we’re to defeat Obama.

In the mean time, conservatives of all stripes will need to focus on local/downticket elections, and support where they can. I don’t see anything wrong with taking sides with either of the remaining candidates in the POTUS race, but I also think we could be making more effective use of our time if we’re unhappy with the remaining candidates.

And just because this is so darn inspiring (29 Minutes of your life is worth it):