If the other candidates are selling, I'm not buying!! My second attempt to persuade you to support/vote for Rick Perry.

As one that attempted to persuade you to support the BEST candidate, rather than trash the other candidates, believe me when I tell you that I still don’t think it’s necessary to go on and on about personal issues from the past or present of other candidates whether real or perceived. It simply isn’t necessary to destroy someone’s reputation based on rumors… and until something is confirmed, speculation really has no place in judging our candidates for THE MOST IMPORTANT QUALITY… which is HOW WILL THIS PERSON MAKE DECISIONS and GOVERN.

When I asked others to tell me where I was wrong in my thinking last go around, the two-three most prevalent themes to emerge concerning why one could not back Rick Perry were as follows:

  1. Electability.
  2. Can’t sell his message to the Conservative Base.
    • 2.a.(fear of not being able to debate Obama).

The most interesting thing to me is that most of these arguments were made with provisioning comments like “Although he has a great record…” and “Although he may be the most conservative”…

What’s with the “Although”?

Do we or Do we not want the most conservative candidate? Do we or Do we not elect the candidate via OUR primary process and not by the Media’s Primary process?

Empty hope is never a good substitute for a STRONG RECORD

If your argument against Rick Perry is that he isn’t “selling” you on being the best candidate to beat Barack Obama… then maybe you should be paying attention to just exactly what the other candidates are selling to you.

You realize that your argument against Rick Perry boils down to the fact that you’re betting that other candidate won’t be trashed as bad as Rick Perry.

What about this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and now this, don’t you understand?

Electability is no better an argument than Idol Worship

NO Republican candidate can survive on fluffy media arguments about ‘electability’ against sitting President (Mr. Hope and Change) Barack Obama. What has rockstars and rhetoric gotten us so far?

The Winning strategy is to go after Obama on his missed promises of hope and change. The greatest leverage in that argument is someone that provided REAL HOPE for his constituents, and can make the argument that change is only necessary to bring us in alignment with our Constitution.

As for me, I’m perfectly happy supporting the candidate that best supports conservative causes, rather than trying to tell you “how electable” they are. I support Rick Perry because he has a very competent economic recovery plan. I support Rick Perry because past actions have shown that he acts in the interest of the people by the people by upholding the rule of law. I support Rick Perry because I see eye to eye with him on social issues. I support Rick Perry because he’s proven that he does understand what’s at stake concerning the very volatile foreign policy and security issues our country faces.

Are we so depraved by the MSM that we’re willing to buy their narrative on “electability”?

Just who is judging this electability… The MSM… or registered Republicans?

SHAME on you fellow conservatives that argue electability matters most… You deserve what you get.