My attempt to persuade you to vote for/support Rick Perry... Your opportunity to show me where I'm wrong in my thinking...

I have consistently supported and continue to support Rick Perry in his candidacy for President of the United States of America.

I could bore you to death with details about Rick Perry’s personal life, and try to win you over on his good Christian nature, and his good neighborly demeanor. I’m not going to do that.

I could attempt to defend his debate performances by reminding you that every candidate suffers fatigue on the campaign trail, but his moment just happened to be televised. Even if he dealt with the media storm with candid humor and refreshing honesty, acknowledging that argument would be a concession that weighing a candidate on these over-hyped media matters, well matter… but I won’t… because they don’t.

I could rattle on about the EXEMPLARY record that Gov. Perry had with a conservative legislature, but he’s not running for President of the United State of Texas. So I won’t bother you with the details of how awesome he is at executive leadership in government.

No, I’m not going to open this diary up to ad hominem attacks on his character, demeanor, or supposed gaffe-ability. (Which might I say, if this is what you have against him your case is weak, good luck voting for the right haircut). Yes, I’m ignoring anything that may be considered a misstep by his campaign, every campaign has them, so far, Perry’s campaign has had very little if any that may be construed as significant.

A word concerning the other candidates

My support for Rick Perry does not have to exclude my pseudo-support for conservatives in general. I see nothing wrong with complimenting another candidate or their campaign for presenting a bold idea, or making an excellent point. I don’t think I need to go on about the negatives of other candidates to persuade others to support my favored candidate. I really don’t want to support someone because of “what they are not”… but rather “what they stand for”.

So I’m not interested in hearing endless putdowns of Perry or any other candidate for things that are negative or perceived negative. If you attempt to ask me why I don’t support your alternative to Rick Perry, try to imagine if you will, that it is because I think Rick Perry is the better candidate, rather than assuming I’m just not aware of Rick Perry’s negatives in comparison to your candidate’s negatives. I have and will defend any candidate when they are being inappropriately attacked. That doesn’t mean I don’t support Rick Perry. It just means that I don’t like seeing people that I agree with much of the time attacked for things that are simply pejorative and/or juvenile.

A word concerning the current climate

It is my opinion that society continues to become more and more impatient, as well as less and less civil, more and more judgmental, and less and less accurate in analysis. Primarily because we want answers now. We want instant results. We don’t want to be considered losers. We’re not experienced enough in dealing with the ambiguity with which technology has flooded our daily lives with information overload. The reason muckraking negativity, and bias goes unanswered is we are too disingenuous to provide the target an opportunity to provide an explanation, and we’re wont to accept any explanation because we are cynical. If I may offer quick analysis of our current primary climate. The base of the GOP (which is primarily conservative) is looking for the Anti-Romney, but this same base has either 1) been tossed about to and fro with every wind of doctrine or rumor, having no foundation, and therefore have become proverbial lemmings of the front-running Anti-Romney… or 2) The Polls are wrong, and they’re not asking the right questions to elicit the accurate temperature in the room of the base… or 3) The base is quickly becoming divided and the coalition is pulling in 3 different directions regarding their #1 issue (whatever that may be). Which way are you leaning? Economy? Security? Social Issues? That’s rhetorical of course.

A word concerning the general election

Mark my words, the general election will not be fairly covered by the Media. If you think your candidate of choice will win the general election because they will look good in comparison to Obama during debates, or through attack ads, or while the Media does routine anal probes of every 3rd cousin of the nominee, and anyone that has ever known the candidate personally (that can be documented by photo, preferably time stamped)… will come off better than the other conservative candidates in the race… you’re OUT YO DAMNED MIND!! {So can we dispense with the arguments that the candidate is “photogenic”, “well spoken”, “good debator”, etc?}. The reality is no election was ever won without TURNING OUT THE BASE IN OUTSTANDING ATTENDANCE DUE TO EXCITABILITY OR ABSOLUTE ANGER towards the opposition. When the base turns out in record numbers… so too comes everyone else that wants to be a part of the generated hype of the 4 year event known as Election time. So please… stop causing a malaise on the other conservative candidates… you’re giving the Media the narrative that they want. Look if you want to repent for breaking the 11th commandment… here’s a suggestion. For every dollar you give to your candidate of choice, turn around and give a penny to the other candidate you trashed. (kind of like a swear jar).

Now Please, allow me to now persuade you to vote/support Perry.

I am pragmatic when it comes to politics. I don’t believe Politics, Policy, or Governments in general are capable of solving all or in some cases the majority of the problems in our society. The cost-benefit of having a government is to maintain a rule of law for society, and for the protection of its citizens under that rule of law. Otherwise, yes, I do believe most problems could be resolved at the most local of all levels, the individual. In these United States, we have espoused to unite under the rule of law, and the rule of law was meant to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution binds us together in defense of that cause. If the individual can not resolve a particular issue on their own accord, let them rely on Family, Friends, Societal Associates, Municipalities, Counties, the State, and then maybe the Federal Government. As such the Federal Government should not be the go-to for solving our economic, social, or security problems outside the limited scope of enumerated powers, and separation of said powers that the rule of law (the constitution) has provided.

Therefore what?

I have determined that Rick Perry is the only candidate to date that seems to propose ideas that relates to the above paragraph most consistently.

Allow me to expound

Look, I’m not going to re-write the candidate’s plans here for some lame compare and contrast. However Let me discuss some of my observations about what is important and urgent for citizens of the United States to address, and then I’ll link to the candidate’s websites so you can compare and contrast how their platforms address these issues.

It’s the Economy Stupid

The theme of the general election so far is “It’s the Economy Stupid pt. 2”. This is a gross understatement of where our Republic currently stands. We have a weak economy right now to be sure. It is the most penetrating issue that seems to be universal for all Americans. However the very real and sometimes not so perceived problems our Republic is facing is always one generation away from a slide into tyranny.

No, It’s the Spending Stupid

The Economy’s under-performance is the consequence of an ever expanding Federal Government and its exponential spending. Government’s excessive spending can be directly tied to EVERY idiotic policy that the Federal Government enforces, endorses, or espouses.

I believe that no amount of tax reform, jobs plan that involves new markets, old markets, and reduction in regulations of those markets, and the total repeal of Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and Sarbanes Oxley will ever be enough to “jump start” the economy or fix the fundamental problems that our country faces, although these actions would go a long ways towards jobs growth and getting back to where we were.

I have gone on at length regarding this in another POST. An excerpt:

Paucity vs. Prosperity

There is nothing more uncertain in the World Economy among money aggregates than the ability to make good on debts, which provides an environment where investment is not halted by fear of meddling aristocrats and evil projections of total egalitarian or utopian civilizations at the expense of LIBERTY through Class Warfare and division. Throwing aside the doctrine of Sovereign Immunity, or non-statutory procedural rules that precludes the actions of any Congress from binding the actions of another Congress in meeting obligations, we should recognize that what establishes the full faith and credit of the United States and its people in the world; is that we meet our obligations, we grow and prosper like no other nation in the world, and provide more opportunities for growth and prosperity to investors like no other nation in the world.

Adjusting the Tax Code may assist, Eliminating the complexity of the Tax code would be quite effective in binding the powers of Congress that leads to crony capitalism, pork barrel projects, and regulation that drowns the competitiveness of our markets. However there are always unintended consequences to consider in removing a monolithic malignant growth from the integrity of our Federal Government’s officers in charge of the purse. Undoubtedly [tax reform…]* will reduce the ability for Congress to not only manipulate how revenues are collected, in order to benefit lobbying firms and their clients, it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to [resolve the problem of]* how our Federal Government justifies double accounting ponzi schemes and borrow and spend tactics that benefit lobbyists and their clients with preferred loans or grants to waste and swindle the “FUTURITY” of our children and grandchildren.

*edited for context
emphasis added

The Economy and our prosperity will hinge on the reigning in of not only government spending, but the ability to manipulate where the spending goes. I believe Rick Perry answers the core of these issues better than any other candidate.


Rick Perry has consistently walked the walk and talked the talk on reducing the size of government, reigning in spending, growing jobs, and building opportunities and has embraced all other national issues from a small government perspective giving the states the power while maintaining a STRONG pro-life record, and making the MOST SENSIBLE Security argument ever regarding zero-based budgeting on foreign aid which should put the fear of God in both our friends and foes that have been given a lot of free lunches for real and *supposed* loyalties.

And he’s done all of this, providing us a track record to compare the rhetoric to the record, while sitting as a 3 term Executive leader in the office of Governor in the state of Texas.

Where does your favored candidate stand?

See for yourself:
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[Update – I added Jon Huntsman’s link… it was my *oops moment… just forgot him I guess :)]