Joe's 'Depression' and 5 cents will get you a nice hot cup of JACK SQUAT!!!

I work for a large corporation that closed my site down.  They pulled us all into a room and said, we’re closing the site down, we’ve got outplacement, we’ve got severance, and we’re offering relocation requisitions for those that want to apply and move with a relocation.  I thankfully received and accepted one of these offers to move my family halfway across the nation and set roots in an area that is completely terrain foreign… Oklahoma or bust…(literally)

I have spent the better part of the last 3 months facing the reality of a housing market bust, taxation on a relocation lump sum payment, the increase in insurance costs, and the undaunting feeling of change… real change… not that fluff that the president is selling us — for.

I don’t appreciate the fact that economic issues led to closure, and consolidation for my site, but I understand why my company did it, and why other companies are doing it.

I also recognize that Joe’s flapping is his honest attempt at describing his understanding of what unemployment means at a personal level…

I also appreciate the anecdotal appeal to the kind of people out there that would rather talk about the effects of depression resulting from job loss…rather than the cause of job loss…(Stimulus, Run-Away government spending, ) than talk about the kinds of things that say… I don’t know… PREVENT JOB LOSS… (reduced spending, less taxation, etc…) and the ensuing effect of personal depression…

In real terms Joe… any ‘Jackass’ can talk about a problem or the effect thereof… it takes people of intelligence to fix the problem or better yet prevent it.