To Rick Moron err...[Moran] and any other "true conservative" that has words for Redstate...

It started HERE with a well thought, well worded, well presented argument that we shouldn’t label Deomcrats and Leftists as “Socialists” and “Communists”.   The general premise is that those in Washington aren’t extremists and shouldn’t be labeled with ‘isms’ as they have the same principles that we share in the root of a common Ethical ideology known as Individualism.  That’s some deep thinking for those with insight into the POST-Kantian world of ethics and the views that started with Bentham.

However the malarky is thick and stank in the intellectual’s bantering field.  Most self identified pompous intellectuals tend to enjoy the dialogue, debate, and banter.  All except when their pride gets hurt…

In comes Moe Lane… with some very simple question yes or no questions for Mr. Moran… he could answer neither in under 20 words. HERE

Nothing unusual… I suppose… so why is this a diary?

Mr. Moran ran home and trashed Redstate rather than defending his rather wordy but weak thoughts in the forum he opened.  {Even his trash talk was bloated bloviation invoking the words of Burke and Kirk which really had nothing to do with his… “he was rude to me” diatribe}
From my perspective Moe essentially popped the IQ bubble with a challenge to get active… but was resisted… as is common with people who think too much but never do… I supposed this syndrome could be summed up in those who do, do… and those who can’t… blog.  Then they try to establish their credentials by word count and readership… Lord knows when revolutions take place you have your James Madison’s and your have your George Washingtons… but let’s be real…  You come to this site, and you tell us we’re damaging our cause by calling a spade a spade? {I’m sure all these analogies and colloquials are driving the brainy types mad…}

“Many of my diary posts had been heavily criticized in the past so I was not unused to the notion that I was not a popular poster there. And the diary in question was heavily critical of some conservatives – “angry ideologues” – so I expected the usual mindless name calling from, who else, angry ideologues.”

I’m not an angry ideologue… but I am one who thinks pontificating posture brings nothing to the table.


The democrats and leftists are introducing statist legislation, it can be called nothing else when the legislation is pushed through with absolutely no debate, and when the language of the bill removes inherent rights from Americans that are engaged in “The Pursuit of Happiness”, and expands the influence of government in the Legislative and Executive bodies ignoring entirely the concept of separation of powers, which primarily enacts the opportunity to funnel money to supportive constituents and provides powers to unelected officials appointed to appropriate where the tax-generated capital will go… as in the Stimulus.

Nothing spells statist like pushing through a bill again, without enough time to analyze and debate it, based on the sensationalism of environmentalists who lack the data to back up a real need for creating an energy bill that will do nothing but arbitrarily change which industry generates the most significant portions of energy for the average corporate consumer, which again requires the appointment of unelected officials that may arbitrarily determine the brokerage of carbon credits through a STATE-RUN partisan appointment, thereby driving up costs for the average American energy consumer as in what was passed by the House with the Cap-n-Trade bill.

Nothing and I mean absolutely no other legislation on the table leads to SOCIALISM quicker, than a Single Payer Healthcare system. Given our modern technologies and our ability to aggregate, search, compare, cross-reference, calculate, and determine data, a government option for insurance will inevitably lead to a government run single-payer system. NOTHING about a single payer healthcare system spells INDIVIDUAL. Obamacare is nothing short of a power grab that increases costs and spreads the wealth… and the faulty notion that the buyoff is universal care for everyone is DAMNED FOOLISH, I would know… I was born in Canada, and Naturalized as a US Citizen. I have personal experience in the world of socialized medicine… you want to debate the merits of improving the system start by cutting the COST of health industry for ALL players including the insurance companies… and that begins with TORT reform… unfortunately… STATISTS are doing the smoke and mirrors business saying that all can be accomplished with compromise and cash… Increasing spending doesn’t incentivize the reduction of costs EVER.

So for all the “CONSERVATIVE” talking… that these self-important thinkers blog on about… Let me put it in terms you can understand…

Your Ultilitarianism is getting in the way of your Categorical Imperative, and if you’re not careful enough, hades is waiting with all the karmic vicissitudes of a hypocrite in speech, ‘ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth’.

As for me and my house? Americans that show up to a local events and volunteer to do their civil duty, and truly carry the water in the bucket by becoming a committee member or a precinct chair have every right to label today’s modern leftist democrat a socialistic communist without judgement from the intellectual peanut gallery.

G’day Sir.