RE: To the Kinder-Gentler Devastating Populists fighting Elitists

I don’t speak for anyone but myself… but I am sharing my opinion…

If you have a pulse and have been reading redstate over the last 3 months you no doubt understand that Sarah Palin has been the subject matter for many posts, and comments of many well-intended and verbosely gifted people.

A call for moratorium on using the Palin trademark by substituting the acronym SWMNBN (She Who Must Not Be Named – Ref Harry Potter’s HWMNBN was used at this site to mask Ron Paul during the 2008 elections to prevent a flood of Internet Ron Paul supporters from overrunning the comments and posts of the site) was a wash and I think some people took a little offense to the idea by not understanding the intent.

Since we’ve continued to see posts of Palin, {not that there’s anything wrong with that}… I have and will continue to support Palin in any role she carves out for herself… I feel as though now is the time to speak up on a few points that have been touched upon by others in comment threads and diaries.

I take issue with some assertions made by those who feel as though they have been “picked on” … “dogpiled”… “roasted”… “challenged”… or any key parlance that would suit your needs to describe what is going on when it comes to new folks on Redstate, and their comments in general. My advice to you is the same as I read when I was new… be prepared to have assumptions and opinions challenged when you come to a website that deals strictly in debating political, economical, and social issues.

I signed up during the primary season in 2008… I made a horrible mistake in coming to this site to declare with broadstrokes a narrow minded opinion about primary candidates… oddly enough I took the route of “none of the above” type post but made a small comment about Ron Paul, and NightTwister (long time redstater) immediately identified me as a ‘Ronulon’… I wasn’t even supporting Ron Paul… just making an erroneous observation from my limited experience in a runaway primary… but I was bumped and thumped in comments until The Hinz rule was initiated…

Now I could have taken offense and never come back… but I was too intrigued with the content of this site. I didn’t get any kindness… but again I wasn’t looking for a group-think blog site… I quite enjoy thinking and discussing opposing views… this helps me solidify good positions, which makes me a better defender of conservative values.

Redstate and its long time users shouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel on posting guidelines everytime a wave of signups come in from people who are hot topic issue/candidate oriented… But hey them’s the brakes… I view this site as a place I like to go to be educated and persuaded by thoughtful insight and articulation. I welcome others and encourage people to join all the time.


Please allow me to iterate my view:
I believe when building a Redstate Army, we need people, plain old regular everyday Americans not “Rockstars” to promote conservative values in any corner of any house in any town of any county, in any state, in this country. We need them highly educated. We need them to not bring the baggage of “my candidate”…

In my humble opinion our society needs to learn patience and pragmatism.

We do not need to win elections on the basis of celebrity… that’s what got us Obama.  It is the Cult of personality that gets us sold on a figurehead… next thing you know society is ignoring the facts and talking about feelings and justifying the bad behavior of the figurehead and then demonizing those with dissenting views or those with a rational thought that doesn’t meet the populism standard.

Please… don’t take it the wrong way…

Sarah Palin is a wonderful human being… but I’m not going to make her political deity… I don’t believe in making anyone political deity…

She is a fine candidate for national politics… but she will need to decide what she wants to do… but make no bones about it… there are two sides to a Palin candidacy – there are those that support her rationally…by contributing to her PAC, or by telling a neighbor about her, or by sharing Palin’s conservative views… and then there are those who are irrationally supporting her in hopes that she can “SAVE THE GOP” or “BRING CONSERVATISM BACK”. The fallacy of these ideas are apparent in the premise…  The GOP has been around since Jefferson and Madison… it doesn’t need “saving” it needs “cleansing”… we’re not baptizing the hell out of politicians in Washington, we’re asking them to represent us, or get their brand of hell out.  Conservatism never left… so it doesn’t need “bringing back” it needs strong minded and hard working people that understand how to hold politicians accountable, in practical ways, to the policy they enact, and the legislation they produce.  We can not accomplish this by setting up Sarah Palin as a deified politician… I’m fairly certain that she is comfortable with all the support she can get… one would hope she realizes that credibility is built on integrity… not celebrity status and bullet points on the resume.

The reason we are failing as a Republic is that we’re wont of doing the heavy lifting ourselves are are complacent enough to find politicians that speak sweetness to our ears and then build idols to them.

The most devastating effect a politician can have is not living up to the deified status that is thrust upon them by good intentioned people desperately seeking representation.  I say… represent yourself daily.