Can we get an Open Thread on T.E.A. Parties for Tommorow?

I thought it would be nice to get some conversation going for what Redstaters can do at T.E.A. parties scheduled for tomorrow.

My thoughts below:

T.E.A. parties need to be about more than just taxation, Porkulus, Obama, GM, AIG, or any other TARP receipient.

It must be clear that we are facing a crisis of Freedom!  Fiscal Sovereignty, Social Sovereignty, and well plain old sovereignty of the people, by the people, and for the people.  It’s called Usurpation by Usury.  And that’s Obama’s end game.

  1. We are facing inflation without representation. The cost of assumed debt ownership where others did the underwriting and then passed off toxic paper to U.S. Treasury at the expense of taxpayers of the present and future, in a lame hope that Keynes was right.
  2. Nationalization of the banks, insurance, and private industry is only a hop away from Socialistic Communism… the skip(Porkulus) and the jump(TARP) have been completed.
  3. Global nationalization is only the next logical step isn’t it?

So why should you be worried about Fiscal issues if you’re a SoCon or a DefCon…?

What Socialist country cares about morality?

What Communist country care about the defense of its people let alone its morality?

I would hope that conservatives and ALL ELSE WHO ENJOY FREEDOM… take part in a T.E.A. Party tomorrow.
I would hope that Redstaters are prepared to tell others about Redstate.com and speak up about the things you’ve gained from this community of online activists.

P.S. My small town of Twin Falls ID will have two parties at the courthouse at 12 noon and 5PM.  What to bring? You decide… its your country. 🙂