A Gingrich-Obama Debate: A Sight to Behold

Well, sure as rain, the klaxon is blaring among the monolithic left, who, this very hour, are frantically, feverishly sniffing out, hunting up any dirt they can get on Gingrich. And, as will likely happen–and has happened with many past candidate-targets of the left–they will get some political grist (and, for good measure, manufacture other fantasies). All for the intended goal to demonize the guy, marginalize him, and ultimately destroy his bid for president. It’s an old story with the left. How intensely the left pursues their generations-old tactic will be a function of Newt’s popularity numbers, which appear to be increasing.

The Catch 22 here is that the left/Democrats will have grabbed a political tiger by the tail. Gingrich is unflappable and takes no lip from anyone. More so, when his opponents, biased reporters and agenda- helping media interviewers confront him face to face. An attribute to consider, when we see how America has fared in international matters. Gingrich, moreover, is Washington smart and experienced, quick on his feet, fast to answer any question (and “charges” of this and that). Notice, no hemming, no Teleprompter. He gets right to the point. If he’s made what he admits was a poor decision, we hear him say so.

Unless the left believes otherwise, they will have also given Gingrich, with all his “imperfections,” the opportunity to shine if he gets the nod. Surely, even this glib, failed president knows now what would await him, facing a formidable Newt Gingrich on the debate stage.