Obama At His "limit" on Foes' Limiting His Limitless Spending

“I’ve reached my limit,” Obama huffed, as he stormed out of a meeting on the “debt ceiling.” He’s reached his limit? Such colossal brass from this neo-Socialist pushing the nation onto the road of economic ruin. If any “limit” has been reached, it is ours, for all of our struggles during our daily lives under his insufferable, failing presidency.

He talks about it, but “tax cuts” and “Obama” are at once oxymoronic. He’s saddled the nation with insurmountable debt that will forever go unpaid, not in this generation, our children’s generation, and their children’s generation. Yet there he was, just a few days ago, looking squarely at us on TV, telling us we must support him in his effort to get America’s fiscal house in order.

Imagine that. Here’s a president, unlike any other before him, who raided the U.S. Treasury at the outset of his presidency. Then he proceeded, headlong, to printing fiat money by the millions—printing and spending money we just don’t have. And we’re to believe he’s ingenuous about improving America failing economic health? Not in this life. Like an upscale flim-flam man using “sophisticated” oratory and gimmickry, Obama continues selling us a nickel for a dime, and selling our national intelligence short in the process.

He’s made of our national political landscape some awful political game board, and it’s literally disassembling, corrupting, and dispiriting the nation. And if that weren’t enough, he’s sullied the office from Day One, and roundly insulted all of us along the way, obsequiously bowing before foreign dictators, never talking up America and his countrymen, and, it would seem, rushing to “apologize” for America for this or that “transgression.”

And for presidential cheek? It’s no secret we’re reeling under a manufactured energy crisis. But what was Obama’s flip answer to a citizen complaining about the severe economic impact sky-high gas prices are having on his family? “Get a hybrid.”

Obama remains antithetical to the American way of life. For all his on-camera stagecraft and contrived photo ops, he is the most adversarial, inept president ever to occupy the White House, Jimmy Carter notwithstanding. He just lacks the skills for the job. Indeed, in any other top-leadership job in the private sector, such telling failures would mean dismissal. Which is what millions of us (including U.S. military voters) are now preparing for Mr. Obama in 2012