Citizen of the World Obama: Birthplace Waived

It is very much an issue that shills say Obama’s pedigree is a “non-issue.” If he didn’t know then, he surely knows now that millions are just not satisfied. They believe it’s one of many contrivances and political sleights of hand designed to protect this president’s questionable past political and social conduct and to keep selectively secret certain “personal information” his employer (that’s us) may reasonably want to know or, indeed, expects the candidate to reveal about himself without being “asked.”

Yes, the left and kindred Democrats, Socialists, et al, wouldn’t want Trump to trump Obama in any way politically. But making Trump himself the issue is to dodge the birthplace question. Some two years into an decidedly failing presidency, the entire nation is discovering it asked too little.

Given the nature of his public job, Obama could have laid this “birther” business to rest at the very outset of his campaign—shut everyone up, as we say—by presenting for the American people his official birth certificate, with embossed seal, from the vault at Hawaii’s Department of Health. And if he was, in fact, born in Kenya, then perhaps that honest admission on his job application would have still kept him electable and all the more credible today. After all, Obama can very well say now what he could have said back then: “Yes, I was born IN Kenya, but OF a mother who was an American citizen. John McCain was born IN Panama, but OF a mother who was an American citizen.”

Still, if we give any credence to these audio and video clips that unequivocally reveal he was born in Kenya, we have—what? The first U.S. president to have openly lied on his job application? We know well what our punishment has been under his stewardship; what his punishment would be, is anyone’s guess.