The Droning Obama

IT IS CLEAR this inept president has been advised to deploy drones in Libya. Perhaps some high REMF’s have determined Qaddafi is gaining the upper hand. None of us knows which way it will go, except that we do know it’s going to cost us Americans in many painful ways.

But you don’t have to be a Patton (or a Rommel) to see the “public relations” aspect of deploying the drone. You see it on the evening news, its visual impressiveness, in how they play up footage of an isolated, big-time hit—a single hit we’re expected to feel (?) marks the end of the battle and defeat of the Libyan leader. We’ll get more bang- for-our-bucks, I suppose. . . .

But the A-Bomb-on-Hiroshima, it ain’t. The reality remains that the individual drone is little more than a multimillion-dollar “artillery shell” that won’t be any more effective than the hundreds of rocket-propelled Buzz Bombs and V2’s were when they hammered London. England, we know, never surrendered. And it’s likely the good Colonel won’t surrender to anyone. He’s like that.

I think old ground vets in particular would agree intermittent drops of this super mortar won’t defeat a fast-moving, dispersed enemy flitting around the North African desert.

Better to answer the many hard questions: Why haven’t the Colonel’s sundry supplies and munitions run out? We’ve a good idea who’s paying for them, but where are the supply feeds coming from? Where are materiel being stored? Who’s doing the selling and sending? His Hollywood-looking bad-guy mercenaries are weighted down with fresh bandoliers and loaded for bear with spanking AKs. No chintzy surplus-level stuff. So Walmart’s out of the question.

And speaking of chintzy: Why hasn’t his paltry air force been neutralized by now? And the movie-corny but real military question? Where’s he getting vehicle and aviation fuel? The refineries, now-Hawk Commander Obama: Where are the refineries? (Let us hope we don’t find them along “Refinery Row” on the Texas coastline. But, hey, you never know, these uncertain days under an oily president.)

Perhaps the ultimate question is, Where is Qaddafi? Why not just focus on finding him? Indeed, maybe Obama can extract still more campaign points here if he can get the trooper who nabbed Hussein in the hole to get Qaddafi. After all, how many places, and for how long, can the Colonel hide and survive out there on the waterless, food-less, fly-ridden, cold, windy, sandy, and . . . gas-station-Seven Eleven-free Libyan desert?