Don’t Turn That Dial: Stay Tuned for “Washington Hills 2012”

Let us not say Barack Obama is “un-American,” since the tag leads to byzantine arguments on definition. But with every passing day, this politician of demonstrable Socialist-Marxist persuasion demonstrates in words and in action how antithetical he is to our Capitalist society. How harmful he’s become to our polity, to us ordinary citizens, and to our children. He is that far reaching.

In all of American history, he is the first president to have about him an aura of political “foreigner,” a curiously displeased one of dubious political pedigree, disaffected with America and detached from the American way of life. This is not verbal histrionics; it is a cold reality whose real effects, this very hour, envelope us and freeze our national spirit and lifeblood. Our ordinary lives and welfare have not come first with Obama. “Things American” and Obama still remain contradictions.

Still, his messages will abound and rebound. In warm days to come, we will likely find him at an “inner-city” playground, where a sleeves-up Obama gets in touch with “the people” while “shooting hoops.” We may catch him before a packed auditorium of recruited college students, cheering uniformly as TV cams pan and zoom. A trendy night-time TV talk show might host him with star-fanfare—our president-celeb, whom Britain’s Reuters News calls in German, our “Uber President.” On TVs the world over will be the mature president, in de rigueur blue-collar jumpsuit, visiting a small business that just happens to be “able to hire workers now.”

Expect Obama to continue emoting the alluring lines that fooled millions of voters, the half-truths and full-lies delivered by a president-teacher and oil-portrait figure of statesmanship, in control of the moment, worldly and didactic, speaking in near-Rooseveltian cadence—forever pointing upward his pay-attention, paternal, “let-me-be-clear” index finger when he’s about to mentor and lecture us yet again.

But telegenic or no, Obama, unscripted and unmasked, remains little more than the inexperienced, tyro Junior Senator who has proven himself a political deer in the headlights of world politics. Millions more must be nearing national exhaustion having to reassess Barack Obama and company. But we must not let him and his administration hoodwink us again by the image-chimeras that saturate us. Such contrivances and photo ops have not been job-status reports but ongoing campaign captions since his Inaugural. No more canned images of an effectively faux president enfolded in a dazzling array of American flags. The deceptive image has dishonored America enough.

In the run up to 2012, question the veracity of his every report and finding regarding our national and international crises, and state of the union—and, most importantly, reject anything he says along the lines of, “. . . we are better off now than when I was not your president.”