Wisconsin Political Pie à la Mode

The curdling of representative government is not peculiar to the Dairy State. What we’re witnessing in Wisconsin is symptomatic of the alarming decline in conduct and job performance of the stewards whom we “hire” to work for us at the local, state, and federal levels.

Which should beg the question, Who helps create the environment that permits such brazen malfeasance to root and behave like a political cancer? Well, we’ll share in the blame, unless we selectively “can” our elected civil servants at the voting booth. But the principal engine and pace-setter of this decline, the nexus to this growing crisis, sits and stands imperiously in the White House.

We have only to assess Mr. Obama two years into his failing presidency to see the most striking national implications Wisconsin’s governmental breakdown has on us all. Obama’s intractable, he-can-do-no-wrong supporters will explode red hot telling us otherwise, but our demonstrably extemporizing president has been tirelessly engaged in a cloaked agenda to recast us into a de facto Socialist state.

You need no degree in Political Science, no endless engagements in intellectualizing it. We’re living Obama’s agenda and influence in real-time. Our pockets show the wear its nascent toll is taking on us. In progressing costs, for example, of a supermarket shopping trip. Any doubts about what’s in store? Ask, say, a retired, “senior-citizen” shopper how he or she is doing with the rocketing prices of food and goods, fueled by Congress’s contemptible elimination of COLAs because “there is no inflation.” Congress. The people we select to work for us, in our youth and old age. Perhaps, too, pinpoint just where earned wealth is going, and will go, in taxes, “surcharges,” “fees,” open and craftily hidden, of every description imaginable, on virtually everything tangible and intangible in our workaday American lives.

Raiding and depleting the U.S. Treasury from Day One; spending unimaginable trillions we, and future generations, do not, and will not, have; printing backless, fiat money unabated; forays into tripping up, controlling, federalizing our nation-sustaining private sector.

These are just some of the strong directional signals on where Obama’s dangerous, leftward political Sea Change is taking us, and, for added impact, thoroughly insulting us and our way of life along the way. Under the umbrella of Obama’s political agenda and influence, we’re being hammered politically, economically, and socially by the likes of such Wisconsin politicians. And, most importantly to us ordinary folks, we’re footing the bill for everything. Everything. Even the money for the dairy industry subsidies ladled into Wisconsin.