The Shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Very sad, this tragedy. That it is fast becoming hotly politicized is not unexpected these days. If only it would be otherwise, but there it is.

What is becoming most apparent are the leftists among the ranks of politicians, civil servants, media, et al, who’ve shifted into “nexus mode”–feverishly looking for political grist, to find and/or manufacture some connection between this killer and “The Right”; “Talk Radio”; Republicans; Conservatives; and the nascent “Tea Party.” Assigning blame to George Bush directly, of course, has lost much of its currency, but such hyperbole, lies, innuendos, and packaged news forever remain a mainstay in the left’s political arsenal. And why not? All manage to achieve degrees of enduring traction in the minds of certain citizens.

Which is why many still recite that George Bush, a U.S. president, “knew” 9/11 was coming, or that he was actually a principal among the unknowns who actually “blew up” the Towers from within (notwithstanding the terrorists outside, piloting the missile-passenger jets into the Towers), or that he “caused” hurricane Katrina, or was behind ordering the dike along New Orleans’ Ninth Ward to be “blown up,” thus flooding and devastating our Black countrymen on the Gulf. . . .

And so the political stagecraft went, and so it will go with the Arizona murders. Come this week, we’ll see just how much more the left will ramp up the event, spin it, and exploit it for all it’s worth.