Arab Allies Fund Terror Groups: On the Slippery Slope of Oil Dependency

So what else is new? The oxymoronic label, “Arab Allies” should more accurately read, “Arab ‘Allies.'” Notwithstanding the reality that Saudi Arabia is no friend and “ally,” America has effectively continued to fund the very enemies who continue to kill our countrymen. The Saudi’s derive a goodly portion of their money from the oil they sell us, money not to supply cooking oil to Mid East mothers, but money to buy horrific amounts and arrays of armaments now used by Islamic terrorists worldwide.

The same political-economic nexus persisted throughout the Vietnam War years. Back then, American companies and banks casually continued doing business with the Soviet Union, the peace-loving Communist nation that provided Hanoi the largest share of aid in missiles and missile air defense systems, arms, oil, tractors, trucks, generators, advisers . . . Death-dealing aid totaling about $600 million a year–$600 million in Rubles and Yankee Dollars.

Could Karl Marx have been on to something when he said, “We will hang the capitalists, and they will sell us the rope to do it”?