"Deficit Panel"? What Deficit?

In virtually every facet of presidential stewardship of our republic, Obama continues to shove us headlong into utter failure, driving our republic deeper into an abyss of national calamity. Never in our history have we had a president so antithetical to American values and way of life.

Apart from the intractable adherents whose fealty to Obama remains unshakable, can anyone expect our current condition to be otherwise? After all, an effectively Socialist-Marxist now “presides” over a capitalist society. You’d think the consequences would be axiomatic. The fox and fellow foxes, if you will, have been put in charge of the hen house.

So it’s no wonder Obama immediately comprised his administration with select individuals who’ll abet his political agenda to reconstitute America; no wonder he’s sucked our national Treasury dry; ordered the printing of hundreds of millions of fiat American dollars; diminished America’s image here and abroad, and roundly insulted the American people along the way: sought to hobble the nation to establish total government control of our sources of energy, food, medical care, not to mention control of virtually all areas of our daily lives. He’s immobilized us, our children, and their children, under a crushing national debt that won’t ever be met. And that’s just for starters.

The Obama “Deficit Panel,” indeed. The cost to this nation of Obama’s failure as president will be incalculable. Let us hope the wake-up call hits home when the first wave of his tax increases sends everyone reeling beyond measure.