Airport Pat-downs and Flying Pantry Prohibitions

That saucy Obama. Here, now, is a clear view into our American life under this Socialist-Marxist president and equally spurious administration. No matter the circumstances, the underlying end-goal remains: utter control of our lives.

For all these many years, the government has continually moved subtly, openly, and in a myriad of other ways, to achieve effective centralization and authority. But unlike any past president, Obama is today’s most potent political accelerant toward this end. The government’s looking over our collective shoulder at the sauces we cook is symptomatic of the kind of America Obama is cooking up on his front burner. So it’s no surprise we can’t freely have sauces of any sort sailing high across the American skies, can we? After all, our safety and well being are of utmost importance to this putative leader of the free world. Still, I wonder: Is there a proscription about flying with plastic packages of fresh cranberries this holiday season? Or must we consider the artsy Islamic terrorist who spent some time up in Cape Cod, Mass, who, during a moment of divine inspiration, can fashion “cranberries” from little balls of C4 or Semtex–painted in realistic “cranberry red”?

Laughable, were it not all so deadly serious what our great republic has come to, and what this destructive president is doing to hasten its decline.