The Mosque Behind Obama's Political Mask

Barack Obama’s support of the building of a mosque in lower Manhattan, near Ground Zero, is yet another cogent reason why he and his administration must be removed from office.

Let us not say Barack Obama is “unAmerican,” since the appellation can lead to byzantine arguments on definition. But with every passing day, this unabashed, Socialist president clearly demonstrates in words and in action how slippery and antithetical he is to our republic. How harmful he is now—to our polity, to all of us ordinary citizens, to our children, and to our children’s children.

In all of American history, this is the first president to have about him an aura of a foreigner, someone alien to, and detached from, the American way of life.

A packaged politician. “Things American” and Obama are at once oxymoronic. The left media may present him shooting basketball hoops at some inner city locale—Obama, “neighborhood guy,” smiling broadly and in touch with the people at the street level. We may see him as the iconic “celebrity” of the naïve and intractable supporters, strutting onto the stage on a popular evening TV talk show. We may see him presented as the concerned, folksy president, meeting with a hunted-up small business owner who just happens to be “able to hire workers now” (the tacit message that our economy is improving under Obama’s stewardship). And Obama may continue to appear in the traditional, presidential blue suit with prominent American flag lapel pin, the latter no doubt encouraged by his advisers.

But in the end, he remains the inexperienced, politically driven, second-rate Chicago politician who ascended into the White House on the wave of the perfect political storm. Watch for more political stagecraft and blatant lies while he acts the role of president. Do not be taken in by the imagery created by Obama’s handlers and shills, who will continue to ensure that plentiful American flags and bunting surround him during staged appearances. Nor should you be persuaded by his contrived photo ops that are no more than 2009-2012 campaigning interludes. Expect no truthful reports from him on current national and international crises. Certainly nothing about the losses he and certain House and Senate Democrats will suffer in November, 2010 and 2012.

* * *

All Americans in general, and New Yorkers in particular, need to hear British entertainer Pat Condell’s discourse on the issue. Listen to what this British entertainer incisively says about the proposed, in-your-face-we-won mosque in lower Manhattan. Then pass the video along to everyone you know. Get Condell’s brilliant message and warning out across America now.


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