That's Right, Comrades: Sarah Louise Palin Just Won't Go Away

Nothing new in New Hampshire State Representative Timothy Horrigan’s “Death Wish” for Sara Palin. Time and again, I’ve seen it, experienced it. For decades, the left and today’s left-Democrats have always used the “emotive” ploy from their large political playbook. Those among us who are now on to their trickery, notice it on the evening news. We see it made manifest right now, when this president and certain House and Senate representatives speak.

When you reject a leftist’s dogma, disagree with them over an issue, ask pointed questions based on irrefutable facts disproving a position on their political agenda . . . they generally dissemble, become increasingly indignant, (sometimes, while rolling their eyes, as if something is wrong with you), and counter with a response that soon escalates into pure vitriol.

Ah, but if at some point you “come around,” and agree on an issue, concede this or that, “see the liberal light” in some politically-dark Conservative corner, why, then, your liberal friend’s face and behavior suddenly undergo a Sea Change of smiling benevolence. Tirade? What tirade?

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