The View of Obama Gets Still Clearer

Who sought out whom? The View, Obama? Or Obama, The View? No matter. The hard left, and the innumerable liberal/left organizations and people thereunder, never miss an opportunity to shill for this Socialist President. Like no other American President, Obama purposely avoids news conferences–as if he discovered early on, ā€œIā€™m the President; I do not have to answer questions or provide explanations for what I do, or do not do. . .ā€ But a national daytime TV show? An evening TV talk show? A High School with screaming, adoring teenagers? Roll the cameras on the telegenic Obama.

In every curious and infrequent appearance of him on TV, we hear not a President, but the South Chicago community organizer-campaigner theatrically repeating the same deceiving rhetoric and promises he hoodwinked millions of Americans into believing. But come this November begins a nation-wide movement to remove this administration, certain venal and antithetical-America members of the House and Senate, and the most politically destructive president in American history.