Obama: Orbiting Within the Islamic World

NASA as a bridge for “Sharia in Space” to mollify the anti-American Islamic world? There’s no end to it. Obama continues to insult us while he disarms us and disassembles America. Before he’s through, he will have done more than destroy our marvelous space programs. NASA is dead. And with that goes yet another defining character of America into this leftist’s political waste bin: American genius, inventiveness, and research and development in all things connected to, and derived from, NASA.

As long as this ringer, this chameleon remains in the White House, we will never see the likes of the Saturn V again–the world’s most powerful rocket, developed at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and supported by thousands of NASA and NASA-connected workers. Remember? The awesome rocket that shook the world and took 8 astronauts around the Moon in 1968, and landed them on the Moon in July, 1969?

View Obama against this historic backdrop alone. See a president who talks up America’s long road to preeminence? Then look closely at his third-rate administration comprising unseen, questionable characters. Obama and the new Washington “regime” are all about political chimeras, stagecraft, deception, stealth, and outright lies. The process of ousting Obama with extreme displeasure must start this November, lest our republic be irretrievably lost.