In the Matters of Kagan and Arizona's "Immigration" Law

It’s not enough that any of us would not “vote” to put Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court bench. We need to tell our representatives not to vote for this ringer-jurist—tell them now, even if we plan to vote that representative out of office this November.

Our entire nation, its people, our Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive branches—our very polity, is now under accelerated attack from within. We’re witnessing a deadly left-wing government that wraps itself in misleading political trappings designed to conjure up the image of an “All-American” president and administration. Be warned, America: This 2010, we stand at our most dangerous of political crossroads since our founding.

For the people of Arizona, a novel idea in exercising states’ rights: Execute your constitutionally-based law and tell the Court–in legalese, of course–to take a hike. What are the judge and Obama going to do? Send in Federal Troops? Ignore Obama and all leftist judges, just as they’re brazenly ignoring us, our Constitution, and our national and state laws.

We have a foreign government—a foreign government—effectively usurping American law in general and Arizona law in particular. This outrage is beyond the pale; it cannot and must not stand. Push back. Push back at every effort this president, administration, and Congress are making to corral and control the American people.